His Open Heart

He was lying on a bed in front of her. He was silent and eyes were closed  for a long time.

His heart was open in front of her. Every one in guy’s family was waiting for outcome. Her one mistake could change his life.

Finally, the lady doctor came out and declared, “Congratulations!, operation was successful “.


Happy Birthday Kid

Happy B’day Kid on your first Birthday.

Last one year rolled out very fast and see your first b’day came so soon. It’s a perfect day to replay all the memories I have with you. You have given me so much happiness and you have no idea about it.

You were born exactly one year ago, due to a morning full of action about reaching train in time. From that day onwards your uncles, aunts, friends everyone has showered so much love on you. Kid you are loved by many people and thats why you grew up so soon.

You were born with speaking abilities since birth and you spoke about many differnt topics. You narrated stories, you shared experiences, you shared memories, you even spoke a poem and people around you are so generuos that they always listen to you happily. Some of them love you so much that they come  to visit you regularly and express themselves. They help you in growing up by giving you feedback about your skills and techniques. They are very supportive and you are today just because of them. Please request them to drop their letters as frequently as possible to make you happy.

Baby, I understand I am not able to give you much time now as compared to your early days but then I always love you. I am sure that you will grow more with time. You may be speaking less often but people will always be there for you.

I hope you continue to speak out your heart, tell what you feel and your uncles and aunts will always be there to listen to you.

Happy birthday to you my dear Blog  🙂

Her One Day

Her day started with abuse from her husband. On the way to office, she was intenionally hit by many men in crowd and disrespectfully commented.  She cooked food in the evening and received some sarcastic remarks from  mother in law.

After finishing days’ work, all exhausted, she looked into mirror and uttered, “Happy woman’s day !!!”

Colors’ Effect

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I was playing holi with my friends. Guys and girls were chasing each other to color. Among all running around, suddenly she was in front of me.

I hesitantly put colors on her cheeks and looked at her  momentarily.

I could see my colors on her face but didn’t know  the impressions  on her heart.

2 Great Holi Celebrations

3 Years back : The final year of BE and a semester of celebrations. Then how could holi would not have celebrated ? But I was unaware of the few hours that were to coming, when I woke up that day. I got a call from one of the friend saying be ready, we will be coming to your place in some time and then we will proceed to the next friend’s home.

The tiny muscels of the brain started moving and the exercise gave me an image of what might be coming. A gang was coming to my place and it was time to get prepared for lots of colors. So though I knew it wouldn’t help much, but still started  applying the defence against the color weapon. The immediate cover I could think of was oil and I turned the protect mode on by applying it to body and hair.

In some time the door bell rang and I saw few familar faces, all colored as expected and they asked me to come out of house with some water. I went out and saw a whole team ready to attack me and I was the only prey who was not colored yet. The entire apartment gathered on the roof to see the action movie displayed on the road. One of the friend had come with a cloth to remove the oil before applying the color. It took 5 minutes and 15 persons to convert a human look into devil one. Now I was just one of them.

But this was just begining, we headed towards another friends house having a lawn inside. And along with some snacks a water pipe was also offered :P.  Then the second round of colors started and the water was being poured in the centre of lawn creating a lot of mud. The guys started pulling everyone to the centre, laid him there and started jumping around him. The mud bath along with grass strenghened the devil look. Finally everyone was exhaused and time had come for rest. We rested in the lawn for some time and retured towards home for a nightmare of removing the color.

1 Year Back : Another final year of college and this time into my M.Tech in IIIT-H. A place which has given me numrous great memories and Holi was one such day. The excitement was more, fun was more, group was bigger, the place was bigger, celebrations was bigger and so were the troubles coming ahead.

The venue for holi was kept at football ground. ‘Thandai’ and ‘Pakode’ were offered as snacks at one stall and colors and water drums were kept at the ground. We started from hostel and the phase one was played with Gulal. Oh by the way I forgot to mention, we had decided that we will play holi gracefully, which was next to impossible in college and see in some time how it turned out :).

As soon as we reached ground, we saw hundreds of students all colored. Some were running behind others to get them colored, some with a water pipe in their hands, some throwing their friends in water drum. We also rushed towards the place where colors were kept and next phase was started with coloring each other. There were lot of people to color and all were looking so differnent due to color.

After some group photographs, I could sense a wave of danger which was going to torn apart our thought of graceful holi. And finally the expected thing was starte 🙂 and the shirts were being torn apart turning our tshirts into something which even a begger wont wear. The water pipe was then used to attack everyone and everyone also needed it to get rid of some of color. Then we all headed towards cofffe shop in the same state, drank some cold drinks in a hot sunny day and headed towards our hostels to remove the multi layered color from our skins.

Thank you so much all of you who were at these two holis which gave me these two wonderful memories, I would never forget. Today I think about the two worst holi in terms of so called ‘simplicity of playing’  but the best in terms of fun. Miss you all and a very happy holi to you and your loved ones. Also holi wishes to everyone not in this ‘elite’ holi group 🙂

Technology and language

The  language of the people shows the era we live in. It’s a reflection of whats going on around us. Impact on current technologies on the language we speak is the strongest evidence of this. I am not talking about the different languages but the way we express ourselves. To be more precise consider the kind of analogies we pick up from IT.

I remember few years back when someone didn’t understand something immediately, the common comment could be, “his ‘tubelight’ didn’t turn on 🙂 “. Today, under similar condtions, I have heard sentences like , ‘he has got a Celeron processor’. The intrusion of IT terminology in our day to day conversation has been phenomenal especially people like me in IT industry. Lately  I had observed quite a few times that we were discussing some non-IT topic or even making jokes, and suddenly we were talking in terms of IT. I paused for a moment to think about the kind of talk and how boring would it be for a non IT person.

Few intances when such sentences hit my ear were like :

1. You can’t remember this, u got a volatile memory or RAM

2. I am not able to recall, my data server is down.

3. You should not take this much time to answer, replace ur processor.

4. I am feeling tired, time to recharge myself.

5. I wish I could undo/ ctrl+z this.

6. Ping me ( used when u r nowhere near communicator 🙂 )

Some of you might say, who talks like this but I have heard such sentences and who knows may have used similar ones myself.

One of the PJ I have told sometimes is my  mother tongue is C :).

There can be tons of such examples and many of you might have to share. Spare one minute and scribe down any such example u may recall or fetech from ur own data server :).

And before I end this post, let me give you one more example of my point which also gave me idea to write the post. One of the nonsense gmail chat that I have all the time and I am sure all of u have at some point of time.

My Friend : You haven’t written something for a long time.

Me : All the windows of my brain have been closed.

Me : So whats going on  ?

My Friend : Nothing much.

Me : Ok, so u can write some thing too.

My Friend : All the windows and doors are closed.

Me : U r in microsoft, u just need ctrol + o

open WINDOWS , u have GATES

My Friend : nothng works , when blue screen  is in front of u

Me : blue screen with white chars 🙂

My Friend : yeh

Me : You gave me an idea to write something  🙂

Behind the Scenes

How many of you have seen 3 idiots ? I guess majority of us. How many of you  could not stop appreciaing the fact Aamir khan was looking so young in the movie that we forgot his real age is 40 + ?  I guess again majority of us. How many of you thought about the make up stylist, hair dresser and dress designer who worked hard to make aamir look young. Ane one ?

This is just an illustration of the fact that there are lot of people who work behind the scenes without getting the credit or apreciation for their efforts. This happens at all the places but let’s talk about the favourites- moives : ).

Ofcourse Aamir worked out a lot, lost all his body that he built for Gazini, but when I was watching 3 idiots for the third time in theatre :P, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the factors that made us believe aamir as a college going student. Look at the hair cut he has got in the movie. Hair cut in short with a style to make him look young. His round neck T shirts and the bag gave him a look of college going student. All this small things made us believe in that student and never allowed our eye brows to raise over the fact that an actor is playing the role half of his age.

Think about the extras who dance around lead actors, practice for many hours before heros arrive on sets and get paid a very less amount. Think about the light man who handles the lights. works in heat, in risky postions at heights and doesn’t get his due respect.

I always wonder about the huge no. of people who work for  a movie and only some of them get credit. I know every one might be shouting by now, that it happens every where :). But still we see a movie and give our verdict in 3 hours and we never know how much effort was put even to make a bad movie. Despite of all the controversy about the script of 3 idiots, a lot of thought has been put up in the script. It took more than a year to make that script and it shows in the sequences built up. One instance was when they were caught eating in the wedding recepiton and aamir comes up with a fake project about inverter. But later on he comes up with the inverter. So that one scene was not just for fun.It actually linked in and thats where thought was put up.

Alright, not so much analysis needed everytime we watch a movie. But this is just salute to all the people who work behind the scene to make any movie a sucess or better to say turn up in shape as expected. Rest ‘all is well’ 🙂