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Love at first sight

Post type : Fiction

I was watching her from a distance on a raod. She was the most beautiful girl, I had ever seen.

It started raining and she was enjoying rain drops falling on her. I closed my eyes and it was surely love at first sight.

I screamed  loud as I watched her again. Her makeup was washed away.


Save Water

He was a social worker. The city was going through problem of water scarcity.

He organized a rally to increase awareness about saving water. He advised people not to waste water.

He came back home and was washing his face in  wash basin. He heard his cellphone ringing. He left the water tap open and moved away.

The Betrayal

She was sleeping on the bed. He moved slowly towards her and stood nearby.

A drop  of sweat fell from his forehead on her cheek. She opened her eyes and saw him holding the revolver pointed to her forehead. She could see the anger on his face because of her betrayal.

She closed her eyes again.

Fight for Love

Post type : Short story

She was standing helpless near her punctured car on a highway. Two men coming in a car saw her and gave her lift in their car. After some introduction they were enjoying the journey towards city. They had become friends in such a small time. She was feeling attracted to the guy who was driving the car.

She couldn’t stop thinking about him throughout the night. Next day she had made her decision about him. She called him and asked to come for lunch in a nearby restaurant. She started with some casual conversation and then asked him what are his thought about love.

He replied with a smile , ” I am in love and it’s a great feeling.”

This came as a bolt from the blue to her. She asked him about his love but he didn’t tell her.

“I have met you only once and you need to be my close friend to tell you about my love.”

She was pissed off. But  she decided not to give up. She could not let her love go away so easily. She contacted the other guy  who was in the car that  day. She told him , “I  want my love to be in my life and I would get him or steal him at any cost. I just want to know about love of his life.”

His friend also denied to give any information. He said , “He is very happy in his life and please let him live his life. I might have told you but after knowing your intentions , I won’t tell you anything ”

She didn’t know her rival but had to fight alone. Next day onwards,  she started following him but never saw him with his love. She was desperately waiting for Valentine day. She knew that on that day he would definitely meet her or get her some gifts. So she might get a chance to get some information.

The much awaited day had come. As per her plan , she started to follow him from morning. He went to a card gallery and bought a card. She knew, today she had a bright chance. He went to a restaurant carrying a flower bouquet and that card.

She entered the restaurant following him. She saw him giving the card and  hugging his love. She was shocked to see his love was none other than the other person in the car. They both were happy and gay . She now knew her rival but need not fight.

I Love You

Post Type : Short Story

Genre : Fiction

That was an early morning of Saturday. I had not been talking with my wife for 3-4 days. We had a fight 4 days back and we  didn’t even remember the reason . All I knew was that it was getting worse by each passing day.

I could not expect a tea from her because of my own stupidity. So I went outside to get newspaper and checked mailbox. Along with some other mails there was a white envelope in it. The envelope did not have sender’s name written on it. I opened the envelope with curiosity and found a love greeting card along with a folded letter inside it.

“I love you “- The magical three word combination was written in that letter. But this time instead of making me happy , these words drew some strain lines on my forehead. I closed the letter and put it back in envelope.

That letter made me scared that if she sees it , this fight is going to get bigger. The envelope was addressed to me so this was sure that I was the intended receiver. I decided to tear it off immediately and destroy all evidences but then I stopped.

I was curious that who might be the sender of letter. I thought of all possibilities and could come up with two nearest possible options.  One of them was my college friend,and other one was in my office . But then who was she ? Why was she telling me then ? Calling back each of them and asking them about letter did not seem a good option either. It would have been embarrassing , if they were not the sender.

I was still wondering about that one girl. I didn’t have any clue and was getting more confused every time I thought about those two girls. The whole day passed worrying about two things- First,not let my wife see that letter and secondly to find the sender of letter. Possibility of  a prank was also not out of consideration.

The day was over and I could not reach any conclusion. The fear of getting caught had frozen my thinking ability. I decided to give up and tear off the letter. But all of a sudden , I noticed there was neither any postal seal nor any courier service seal. I checked with security guard and he said that no one from outside came in the house since last two days. I checked the handwriting to confirm.

Everything was crystal clear to me now. I went to my wife immediately and said , “I Love You too”, kissed her with a smile and after so many days I had a peaceful sleep.

The End.


Alternative Ending : Next morning my wife asked me , ” Why did u say I love you too? “. I didn’t get the meaning of word “too”. I didn’t say  “I love you ” to you.

I was again shocked. I called the guard and inquired again. He said sorry and said , ” A man came and gave me money to drop the letter in the box. ”

I took the letter out of envelope and handed over to her. She saw it and her face turned pale. She confessed of having an affair  before marriage but never dared to tell me. I was about to get angry but then thought about my own fear that I had yesterday. We both had betrayed each other in some way .

I didn’t know whether I should thank my ‘well wisher’ who dropped  that letter. I was thinking whether it would have been better if the letter was not sent to us or its better now.Any idea ?

P.S. I was not sure ,which ending was better so kept both . May be both were bad also 😀

No Choice

Post type : Short Story

She was traveling in a crowded bus. She didn’t get a seat, so had to travel standing . The guy behind her hit her from back second time. First time she ignored but second time she turned around and  slapped him hard on his face.  “Don’t you know how to behave ? “,  she shouted at him. He felt ashamed and said,  ” I didn’t hit you .”  An old man who was sitting near by told her, ” He came few seconds back here, there was someone else standing here earlier.”

She felt sorry for him and asked him to forgive her. He didn’t say anything and turned his face away. “I am sorry again , please forgive me “. The guy replied with a smile, “Only on one condition. If you can come for a coffee with me. ”

She agreed and they decided to have a coffee in the evening. She liked him very much. He appeared a gentleman with a great sense of humor. He was well educated and she got interested in his talks.  Few days later he called her for coffee again. She wanted to say no but she couldn’t say that.

Soon they were meeting almost daily. Everyday she decided to make their meeting as the  last meeting but she was not able to do that. Then one day she told him, “I should have told you earlier but I don’t know what was stopping me.  I am going to get engaged soon. I really like you , but I have to get married with the boy whom my father has decided upon. ”

The guy threw upon  her a series of  questions , “Ohh !!. Have you seen that guy? Have you met him ? How does he look ? ”

“I haven’t met or seen him yet. ”

“What !!! You are going to get married to a guy ,you haven’t seen even ”

“Look, I didn’t want it either. My father survived one heart attack recently. In some other circumstances I would have opposed my father’s decision but not  now. I am going to meet the guy  soon but in any case I have to say yes . We are just waiting for his reply . I am sorry but this is the last time we are meeting. ”

He said nothing after that. As he took out his wallet to pay the bill, it fell down. She saw the same photo of her in his wallet that was sent to his future husband’s family. She was speechless and didn’t have a clue what was happening.

The guy said with a smile , ” I knew that you were going to say yes in any case. My father came to know about this from your brother. But I didn’t want our marriage this way. I wanted you to like me and then only say yes. I would have never known whether you like me or not ,if you were asked. That’s why I delayed the reply and my family did not send my photo ”

He continued , ” I am also sorry for hitting you twice in the bus. It was me only who was misbehaving but I had no other way to meet you. The old man in the bus was my father.  If you would not have agreed to meet, I had to find some other way. But thank God you agreed for coffee that day ”

She was listening all this with surprise and pleasure .

He asked her, “So, now I know that you like me. Will you marry me Now?”

This time also she had no choice but to say yes .

Power of Money

Post type : Short story

Genre : Fiction

It was a hot summer day. I was traveling by a train to hyderabad. I saw a girl sitting in front of me along with her father. The girl was looking nice and the her black sun glasses made her look more attractive. She was sitting in front of me and was looking out of window.

Her father appeared to me a rich person. I got some hint from his wrist watch and his PDA. Everyone was getting bored and someone started some discussion on money.

In those days I was running short of money. My family’s financial condition was not good and I had to think twice evertime before spending money on anything. I was not happy with my life because of my financial crisis.

The topic soon switched on to  power of money. I heard some one saying money can buy you every happiness in life. You can provide every comfort that your family demands. I supported the argument as I was feeling the same way. But that girl’s father didn’t agree.

He said ,” Definitely money can buy you every comfort but it’s not necessary that you can buy any happiness by money. “. I counter attacked him and said , ” You seem to have all money in the world , that’s why you are speaking like this. You need to be in our position to realize our problems. ‘

The girl was listening to argument for a long time but she had not participated yet. She said , ” I heard you all but now you will come to know why my father said so. ”

She removed her sun glasses and every one was shocked. She was a blind person. Her father said , ” Her eyes can neither be cured nor can be transplanted. I am a rich person but I can not give her happiness of seeing everything around.”

I symathized with the person and thanked God for whatever he has given to me.