I Love You

Post Type : Short Story

Genre : Fiction

That was an early morning of Saturday. I had not been talking with my wife for 3-4 days. We had a fight 4 days back and we  didn’t even remember the reason . All I knew was that it was getting worse by each passing day.

I could not expect a tea from her because of my own stupidity. So I went outside to get newspaper and checked mailbox. Along with some other mails there was a white envelope in it. The envelope did not have sender’s name written on it. I opened the envelope with curiosity and found a love greeting card along with a folded letter inside it.

“I love you “- The magical three word combination was written in that letter. But this time instead of making me happy , these words drew some strain lines on my forehead. I closed the letter and put it back in envelope.

That letter made me scared that if she sees it , this fight is going to get bigger. The envelope was addressed to me so this was sure that I was the intended receiver. I decided to tear it off immediately and destroy all evidences but then I stopped.

I was curious that who might be the sender of letter. I thought of all possibilities and could come up with two nearest possible options.  One of them was my college friend,and other one was in my office . But then who was she ? Why was she telling me then ? Calling back each of them and asking them about letter did not seem a good option either. It would have been embarrassing , if they were not the sender.

I was still wondering about that one girl. I didn’t have any clue and was getting more confused every time I thought about those two girls. The whole day passed worrying about two things- First,not let my wife see that letter and secondly to find the sender of letter. Possibility of  a prank was also not out of consideration.

The day was over and I could not reach any conclusion. The fear of getting caught had frozen my thinking ability. I decided to give up and tear off the letter. But all of a sudden , I noticed there was neither any postal seal nor any courier service seal. I checked with security guard and he said that no one from outside came in the house since last two days. I checked the handwriting to confirm.

Everything was crystal clear to me now. I went to my wife immediately and said , “I Love You too”, kissed her with a smile and after so many days I had a peaceful sleep.

The End.


Alternative Ending : Next morning my wife asked me , ” Why did u say I love you too? “. I didn’t get the meaning of word “too”. I didn’t say  “I love you ” to you.

I was again shocked. I called the guard and inquired again. He said sorry and said , ” A man came and gave me money to drop the letter in the box. ”

I took the letter out of envelope and handed over to her. She saw it and her face turned pale. She confessed of having an affair  before marriage but never dared to tell me. I was about to get angry but then thought about my own fear that I had yesterday. We both had betrayed each other in some way .

I didn’t know whether I should thank my ‘well wisher’ who dropped  that letter. I was thinking whether it would have been better if the letter was not sent to us or its better now.Any idea ?

P.S. I was not sure ,which ending was better so kept both . May be both were bad also 😀


5 responses to this post.

  1. I liked the alternative ending…very near to real life i would say…nice one again!


  2. The first ending was quite anticipated, second came as a shock.

    Great Going!


  3. Posted by NoName on May 15, 2009 at 5:13 am

    My vote is for the second one…. 🙂


  4. Posted by DC++ on May 18, 2009 at 2:27 am

    Good 🙂
    I love the first end.


  5. Second one is good… it can happen in real life 🙂


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