Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 2

My college life had begun again and this time it was completely different. Amit was my first  friend in IIIT-H and he helped me from day 1 to last day. It was day of registration for courses. We were roaming in the main building, searching for course codes, filled up the forms and were ready to start with semester – 1.

Then we took the responsibility of lab system allotment and were setting up the lab. This was a novel experience for me as I never got opportunity and responsibility of lab ourselves. I remember I met Dhiraj first time in the lab itself. We were facing problems in setting up network in linux. I did not have much experience in linux and this guy was opening terminal in front of me and typing a series of commands.  Using “Service Network Restart” command was a big thing for me and I was looking at him as he was a very fundu guy ( He is but not because he knows this command 🙂 but the great knowledge he has about everything about computers )

I was thinking that it would be very difficult for me to survive here. Slowly I was getting used to everything and I was highly impressed the way technology was used in everything. I was so excited to see these things that I used to tell about them to my friends outside IIIT-H all the time.

When you see computers  used in such a great way everywhere you get a feel that you are studying in one of the best institute in India for computer science students. When I first saw the mess portal, I could not stop appreciating the idea. I never imagined that mess bills can be managed in such a nice way. Every student is given an account where one can choose in which mess he want to eat on a particular day; one can see his current mess billing and one can cancel meals.

Then I came across library portal where we get all information about any book in library and check its availability. Intranet pages had all the information about all the courses. We had mailing list for every course and were supposed to get all the notifications about subjects and classes through mails.I know these are normal things for IIIT-H students but I was witnessing them for the first time.

Meanwhile I was meeting new classmates and  learning the way IIIT-H system works. We were given a welcome party in first weekend by seniors. There was no concept of ragging and we had a friendly interaction with our seniors.

I heard we will be getting all our assignments through mails for every subject. Teaching assistants was also a new concept for me. But I still could not sense the storm that was coming up from a distance. I could not sense that this thing will make my life hell for next 4-5 months. Finally the disaster had come and we received a mail saying , ” APS portal is up “


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Amol on June 18, 2009 at 5:01 am

    Because of this series I am getting nostalgic and I remember my first few days in IIIT.
    Mak I don’t exactly remember what u did in the interaction…kya kiya tha tune??


  2. Posted by amitabh on June 18, 2009 at 7:37 am

    I was also fascinated by all the things you mentioned when i came to IIIT-H ….. it was a great experience……..I also remember the registration day where i first met you infront of the server room ….. it was a formal introduction ……
    waiting for more posts which will refresh the IIIT’s memories ……..


  3. Posted by laQshya on June 18, 2009 at 7:44 am

    Well I must not say this but, IIIT should provide better PCs to the incoming M-Tech students. What we got we tin boxes with some computing power… 😛

    I too remember my first day at IIIT. Bechara Amit, he running constantly between lab and server room get a PC alloted for all of us.


  4. nice…I love the honesty that is reflected in your narration 🙂

    I guess the next chapter’ll revolve around APS..My first day went in searching my other CSIS mates 🙂


  5. Posted by makrand on June 18, 2009 at 11:04 am

    @amol bhai , i remember u were sitting in front row and i sang a song in reverse way .
    @amitabh, yes that introduction with you and amit gave me a sigh of relief that i can speak hindi here 🙂
    @laQshya , definitely PG1 deserved a better lab but at that point of time there were too many things to deal with
    @divydendu , yes we have been talking abt this subject for 2 years . I tried to avoid but couldn’t help it. memories of IIIT-H can’t be complete without APS. So one post dedicated to it


  6. Posted by umesh on June 25, 2009 at 9:00 am

    i sing a song on that day den people said go away from stage… 😦


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