Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 3

The portal had three functionality in it. It showed the current assignment questions. It had an uploader from where we could submit the solution to problems. Along with these it had an evaluator which ran our programs on different test cases and displayed the marks. It was like a game where u keep on scoring the points depending on how u perform at a particular level.

So I had assignment 0 in front of me and by seeing the questions I asked myself , ” if this is considered 0 level then I haven’t done any programming till date “. It took me a lot of time to solve them and get a descent score. But it was fun indeed. Getting the marks on the spot was nice to see. Moreover there was no human involvement in evaluation which was a new thing for me too.Moreover there was a cheat checker too which can compare two codes and give the similarity in their structures.

I was finding this course very heavy. There were two labs in a week where we were given two questions and expected to submit same day by midnight. Now I came to know what is a deadline :). The assignment was also time consuming as we were not able to think about variuos test cases. This was affecting other courses too because we were not getting any time for them.

Our routine had become very hectic. On some days I was taking 4 hours sleep. The reason was my inefficiency in solving questions. I was taking almost double time for solving a particular problem as compared to others.  We were sleeping late and had classes at morning 8. We used to attend lecture with half open eyes full of sleep. I knew this hard work would be useful in future, but at that time it was looking troublesome.

One more thing that used to bother me were the lab sessions. We were expected to code in the lab itself at first, though we were given deadlines till 12. There were some great thinkers ( and coders )  like Romanch, Dhiraj, Pooja etc. and few Part time M.Tech  students who used to solve questions in the lab itself when I struggled to even understand the question. Same story continued in lab tests also.

But one good thing that happened with me was that I never got frustrated though I was struggling. I think that helped me a lot not only in course but in future too. I was learning slowly and gaining confidence. I learnt to go at my own pace without being affected by my current condition . This was turning out to be one of top 5 things learnt at IIIT-H. Thus, I was sailing through my first semester smoothly.


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  1. Posted by laQshya on June 19, 2009 at 6:09 am

    I still remember our first lab assignment… It was the most painful programming I had ever dealt with… But I believe in someway or other I credit my friendship with others in my class to APS. Had it been an easy course, it would have been very hard for me to talk to others and get along with them… and I feel that it would have been the same case with others also… because APS was tough, and none of us could solve all problems we needed help from others… and that how I believe we made friends… and got along well with seniors 2… except for one or 2 😛 , whose first semester revolved around seniors only…. especially for APS 😀


  2. Posted by nitin khanna on June 19, 2009 at 6:32 am

    makrand is lying, he was a gud debugger. he used to debug my programs especially those where i had to implement link list and trees. makrand and amit were two ppl in college who helped me a lot in APS.


  3. APS came…APS stayed…APS went…I got no wind of it (same story with almost all courses :-P)


  4. APS is one subject which every one remember from their IIIT life…
    as it helps you to realize tht u r not as smart, as u think for yourself…
    though after 1 yr of my wrk i realize it dsnt help me anywhr..(may nt be d case of evry1)..
    nice post man .. its just few days back i started following ur blog(after getting tired of watching ur status message ;)..
    nowdays its nice to memorize iiit days.. by reading this
    keep posting .. waiting for the next….


  5. Posted by makrand on June 20, 2009 at 4:51 am

    @laQshay I second ur thought
    @Nitin I was also having problems in assignments. But ya I used to debug ur code and every time I used to ask,”What is the need of this variable”. You had a habit of declaring so many variables which were not used in program later. That was beginning n u improved a lot in ur coding.
    @Divyendu : you are a bond
    @anonymous : would have been better if commented with ur name 🙂 .anyways status msg directed u here that means they now better to keep reading both status msg n posts 🙂


  6. Posted by umesh on June 25, 2009 at 7:31 am

    every program i had submitted in APS portal before it need to debug. its boring used GDB run 2-3 windows of putty… 😦


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