Memories of IIIT-H : Chapeter 4

I was fed up with the same routine and sitting in front of computers all the time. So I started going to gym with enthusiasm which lasted for few days as expected :). The one benefit I got was I used to have chat sessions with nitin after gym and thus brought some light moments for both of us in those busy days.

I was allotted room on the third floor and as I was lazy enough, I seldom used to go to lab. We were sharing the systems but this was never a reason for not going. Sometimes when I got very bored from working at room, I used to go to lab and saw it full all the time. Our PG-1 lab didn’t have a working A.C. and used to be very hot because of heat generated by system and mosquitoes had a party every night. The people who used to work there should be appriciated for the hard work they had put in to work there in such extreme conditions.

Umesh and Ram used to play Age of Empires in the late night along with the assignment work. They were the people who injected gaming virus in all of us I suppose. It was nice to see they were very cool about the work when others were pulling their hair apart while thinking about solutions.

One great thing about IIIT-H was that it was a happening place all the time. You can see people on IIIT-H roads all the time whether it is morning, evening, 10 O’ clock in night or 3 A.M. To make life easier coffee machines were installed in the hostels.

One more guy whom I met in my class was Abhishek through Amit as far as I remember. From that point onwards he was part of every memory that I had at IIIT-H. I was working with Amit and Abhishek on all the assignments in all subjects be it IT workshop, discrete mathematics n computer system. The names of other three subjects appeared so late in the posts because all the time we used to spent on APS.

This way, the first semester was over. Despite of all the hard work, I didn’t had a high CGPA as I got screwed in one subject and had a C- against it. But I could say it was a descent start considering the things I had to learn. Till this point things had been a bit miserable. A very busy schedule, tasteless food at OBH mess, not much fun, no events everything was not going in a comfortable way. I was enjoying but couldn’t say to fullest. But this was only one side of colored cube of IIIT-H life . The other faces of cube had lots of fun in it which were to begin from next semester.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I now think I should have gone to the lab more in the 1st semester….maybe that’s why I did not get any wind of APS (:-))

    My favorite subj in 1st sem was discrete math….you could sleep away most of the class, and when you woke up, you could still understand what was going on 😉


  2. Posted by umesh on June 25, 2009 at 7:23 am

    heheheh @divyendu samething with happen me in APS class, u can slept in aps class n woke up some code n concepts going on… :p


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