Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 5

The second semester had started and I thought of improving my CGPA in this semester. Some of the seniors had warned me that a bad CGPA would affect ur placements. I decided to work had in this semester and this determination  lasted for one week.

In first week, main discussion topic for all of us was to choose elective course. After all the discussions, I decided to take WDKM course. This was the course where I learnt how to sleep with open eyes. The other courses we had taken were software tech., Software engg., DBMS and Algorithm . I wrote down all the course name here  just to check that whether I remember all the course names 😀 and it took me around 20 seconds to recall the last course name 🙂

In first class of DBMS, Dr. Kamal sir made a movie like entry. I was sitting somewhere in middle of class and we were all chatting with each other. I didn’t know he was sitting in class. Suddenly I heard his voice from mike and I looked around to find him. I saw him coming from back side, moving towards black board with a laptop ( I don’t know the device name, it’s a laptop with a touch screen and is used with a pen device)  in his hand. This was the best entry by any professor in his first class I had seen so far.

Software engg. course started with a promising note to teach the subject in a different way. The course had two presentations in its content. One thing I liked about IIIT-H marking policy was marks distribution for any course. Whatever u do in any course whether its an assignment, a project work, mid sems and endsem had their share of weightage. The benefit was even if u perform poor in some section due to some reason, u get chance to survive. One bad day will not ruin ur course grade and u can get a descent grade if not an  A.

Then there was Makar Sankranti celebration on 14th January. This was the first festival that I celebrated in campus. We were provided kites and Umesh brought kites from outside too. It was a treat to watch a ground full of people flying kites. This reminded us of our childhood when we used to fly kites throughout the day. It was a joyous day and we enjoyed it thoroughly. But this was just beginning and there were more festivals to come and the biggest festival at IIIT-H named ‘FELICITY’ was a few steps away.


4 responses to this post.

  1. A lot of foktaai, little padhaai, and more of foktaai was what 2nd sem was all about…looking back, I sometimes get the Agar-Padh-Liya-Hota-To-Achha-Hota feeling 😀

    I wanna learn to fly kites 😦


  2. Posted by gowridev on June 24, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    good man, u sleep with open eyes 😛 . nice art it will useful in future also 😛


  3. Posted by umesh on June 25, 2009 at 6:55 am

    yup i brought kites, charkhi too becoz didn’t get from college and wanna to fly kites in IIIT sky. that day was awesome, i cut the makrand kite on that time he was flying :p


  4. My learning from second semester:
    1. Never ever take a project in the second semester.
    2. Never ever overload any course in the second semester.


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