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Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 6

Preparation for felicity had started from the first semester itself but the in last month preparations took a full swing. The organizing team had done a great job. The felicity had lot of things to offer for everyone. It was a three day festival and all types of events as part of it. There were programming contests, technical quizzes, cultural events, guest lectures and lot more. When I saw the 3 days calender I could see a whole bunch of interesting things to participate.

I saw some cool events like Radio Jockey performance, antakshari, rangoli making, poster making and not to forget computer gaming competitions like NFS and FIFA. The first day had a celebrity performance in evening and the celebrity was Indian Ocean Band. The band is famous for song “are ruk ja re bande” from black friday n some other songs. Though the band was very good but they were not able to keep the crowd glued to their seats. But this was the first time I was watching a live performance by a celebrity in college, so it was a nice experience.

The second day had similar events like day one in the afternoon. In the evening there was a rock show. I didn’t had any knowledge of rock so I didn’t get exactly what was going on. The only music I understood was performances from students of our college. For other bands from outside, someone was shouting in full volume on stage.

The felicity played a great role in making the bonding strong with many friends. We were slowly forming a friend circle which was not just made of class mates but who were friends. This one was indeed becoming a very large group. Also this was the time when  our two seniors Amol and Sudharma were transforming  into ‘Amol bhai’ and ‘Sudharma bhai’. I also had more conversation with my first international friend 🙂 azli who in coming months became one of the best friends I made at IIIT-H

Coming back to felicity the third and final day was most happening. It had two most important events named Mr. and Ms. Felicity and War of DJs. This was the most entertaining evening at IIIT-H for me so far. We were sitting in front row and were dancing in between performances on stage.

The performances from crowd were much more than on stage itself. People were standing on chair and dancing. This was the day when I came out of my shell n my shyness. I myself danced on a table and chair along with my friends. We all danced till the last beat of DJ. That DJ night really rocked.

After the DJ night we started roaming around in campus. I remember the funny pics we took everywhere in campus. There were many ropes hanging from the trees and many people took their suicidal photos that day. Only people who were there that day can understand it :). After that we had a chat session and finally the felicity was over.