Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 9

So all the fun had to come to halt for few days as end sems were apporaching fast. I was done with WDKM submission as me and ravikant some how managed to complete the project and give the demo. The important thing was to convince sir that the project is complete :). Another project I made in software technology with Dhiraj and there too we managed to finish in time because of Dhiraj.

Oh I forgot to tell about the party given by Amol and Sudharma to us at Ohri’sΒ  jeeva. We around 20 people went by MMTS train together and it was a great fun. The place and food was nice too but the feeling of going together with so many friends was simply great.

Coming back to exams, I was not nervous about end sem. This was the great thing about IIIT-H. You are worried but rarely nervous about end sems. You know that you have done something in semester and unless u don’t copy, u will not fail in course. There is saying in IIIT that you need to work hard to get a A or F in IIIT-H. Ofcourse there are few exception but this is the normal trend.

Exams were over and as our third semester had been shifted by around one month, we got a very long summer vacation of 4 months. When we got the news, I was thinking this is a very long time. I will study this, I will study that n blah blah but this long time passed very soon. I will be telling how time passed quickly .

Before our exams had begun, Chirag Bhai came with a plan of Gujrat tour. So just after exams we started our tour and those 6 days were hangama unlimited. There were 20 friends on that trip both first and second year students. This tour was the second factor after felicity that made the bonding strong between us. I will be writing about that tour in a separate book πŸ™‚ named ” My Travel Experiences”.

That tour gave me chance to have long conversation with my friend azli. We discussed about lot of things and learnt lot of each other’s country and culture. One thing I liked about him was his clarity of thoughts. He knew how he should act in different situations and u could learn a lot of things from him useful in real life.

I went home after gujrat tour and stayed there for few days. But once you have spent time on IIIT-H campus u can’t stay away for long. So I came back to college and every one else was coming back too. As we had placements just after third sem, we decided to start studying for them from summer itself and thus utilize the time we had in our hand.


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  1. A nice new theme πŸ™‚


  2. Posted by laQshya on July 10, 2009 at 11:35 am

    Gujarat trip was something that was really awesome in my life… I really had gr8 fun… Awaiting ur post on our Gujarat trip… πŸ˜€


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