Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 12

I was feeling very sad two days before diwali. I was away from home for the first time on diwali. I was walking on the streets of campus on DhanTeras and there was no sign from which I could sense Diwali festival has started. I called at home and preparations were going on at home. This made me feel worse and was thinking that we should celebrate in addition to college separation.

My friends and me put some contribution and decided to celebrate in our own way. The plan was to decorate lab, bring sweets and bring fireworks. I decorated lab with amit, abhishek, pooja, smriti, ishita,santosh and ram one day before diwali night. We decorated the lab with paper ribbons, balloon and other decorative stuff. A beautiful rangoli was made by pooja,ishita,smriti,umangi and reema. Dhiraj  was playing few songs and he knows how we were dancing  in lab 😀

On the day of diwali we were all done with decoration work. Umesh took the responsibility of bringing sweets and fireworks with few other friends. In the we lighted Depak and had sweets. Our juniors made my class mates specially TAs to eat sweets with their hands and it was fun to watch.

The campus celebration consisted of Lakshmi Poojan followed by a dinner. Deepaks were put in campus on both sides of roads which looked very nice. Fireworks were distributed to students but they were not enough for us. We had brought our own fireworks and we gathered in ground. Though we had brought a decent amount of fireworks, they didn’t last long.  Another interesting thing happened when narendra came. He was center of attraction for his white colored dhoti

This diwali had indeed become a memorable one for all of us. We did not feel away from home and celebrated this fesitval with joy. This was the last celebration before end sems. Submission time had come and we were busy in assignment and project completitions.  End semes were few days away and after 1 week of that the placement session was about to start.


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