Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 13

Some days before exams, I was in dilemma whether to study for end sems or prepare for interviews, as there was only 4-5 days gap after exams. In this dilemma I was not able to concentrate on any of them. Finally I decided to study for end sems one day before each paper and rest of the time I would devote to interviews’ preparation.

One of the most interesting end sem paper we got at IIIT-H was computer network. It was an open laptop exam which meant that it would be useless to use  laptop for solving questions. The exam had two sections and the first section was objective paper. The real fun was the second part and I was astonished after reading instructions.

It said, ” Solve the following question here, submit your solution and take away the paper with you. Solve the question again at home and resubmit after 15 days. Both the solutions would be evaluated. ” I did not appreciate the paper but the instructions definitely brought a smile on our faces.

Data mining paper was like previous ones and as usual I didn’t have much clue about it. I was expected to score gud marks in end sem of Cryptography as I had not performed well in mid sems. I managed to solve a descent no. of questions. Introduction to middleware was a very nice paper which tested how much we had worked in project. There was 40 % portion from the project work itself and I could solve it easily. Our project presentation in this course went very well with the professor saying these words , “OK, Fine, Good !!! ”

So in this way end sems were over and the placements were to begin after 6 days. This was the opportunity for which every one was eagerly waiting. I like others, was nervous, excited, and optimistic about arrival of companies with job offers.  I will not be sharing my interview experiences here as there are other blogs existing specially for that ;). And this brings me to  end of the series of IIIT-H memories.


End of Memories of IIIT-H Series


Note to Readers : Oh come on, memories of IIIT-H can not end here. I am just taking a pause here for specific reasons. The combined  fun I had in three semesters is less than the fun I had in  forth semester. So the first series ends here and second series will take you to my forth semester. In the mean time some short stories,  some travel experiences, n may be some interview experiences ( I was kidding earlier 🙂 ) will be coming as my posts.

This first series has taught me that I can  write. Now I will try to write better, learning from the mistakes in first series.  The second series will return  with a better writing and content for sure. After all I need to match standards and set new one for myself just like IIIT-H 🙂

IIIT-H rocks.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by laQshya on July 15, 2009 at 8:41 am

    “OK, Fine, Good !!! “…. 😀 Probably we were the lucky ones to hear the statement on dat day… It seemed that we had achieved something really gr8 in my life after a long time…

    Must say all your posts were nicely written… I have been constantly reading your blog for quite a long time, and must say you have improved a lot in terms of putting your ideas into text very well… just need to concentrate on your vocabulary and typographical mistakes… and you will emerge to be a very good write… keep it up dude !!! 🙂


  2. Posted by DC++ on July 16, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Yaar, I love the culture of your college. I wish i could be part of it, It’s only because of you i was nt able to take the entrance. 😦


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