An Old Wound

Post Type : Short Story

He was traveling in an aeroplane from Mumbai to Delhi. He was TV news reporter and was coming back after covering Mumbai Bomb blasts. He was tired but was not able  to sleep. He had a look on a person sitting next to him. The person was a Sikh who appeared to be a wealthy man. He started the usual conversation and came to know his neighbor was a Doctor.

He asked the Doctor, ” What made u become a doctor ? To serve humanity? ”

Doctor :  ” No. I became doctor to earn a lot of money. That’s it.”

He heard the reply with surprise but did not comment further on it.

As the Mumbai Blasts were the topic of discussions every where, so he just said to  doctor, ” Mumbai blasts were a big tragedy. Many people were killed and our international reputation was harmed too.”

The doctor replied, ” Such incidents should happen in India. Our country and our people deserve such blasts and mass killings ”

He was looking at doctor with utmost astonishment.

Doctor continued, ” A country where riots take place to kill innocent people and no one is punished. A country where terrorist can attack at any time and are not caught. A country where it takes years for courts to give judgment and terrorists can not be hanged to death. Such country deserves such attacks in future too ”

Doctor’s  face had turned red with anger. He gave the doctor time to calm down. He could sense that the doctor had a bad experience in past and is angry with system. He remained silent for some time.

The doctor said in a low voice, ” I was 14 years old when my entire family was killed in 1984 Sikh riots. I knew the people who killed my family. Neither police helped me nor the court. Those criminals are still roaming freely on streets of Punjab. ”

Doctor continued, ” I finished my education from a missionary school. I wanted to become rich so that my children have security in future. I don’t want to serve any one in this country. ”

He wanted to say something to doctor but couldn’t. He wanted to tell him that serving others would help himself feeling good. He wanted to console him but didn’t know how. That doctor might have  cured many wounds of many people. But his own old wound was incurable.

P.S. The above story is based on a true incident narrated to me by a Zee News reporter whom I met at Nizamuddin station, Delhi.


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  1. God bless….here’s hoping that nobody faces such a sad life as the doctor….this one’s for peace 🙂


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