What was Missing?

He was sick and was  admitted into hospital by his friends. His parents could not come immediately as they were in different city.

He had best doctors and best facilities available to him.

But still he was not feeling well.

He had forgotten about one important factor.

His mother’s touch on his forehead was missing.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Yeah, that’s very important medicine – a human touch and presence of loved once. I agree with you.


  2. very touching…

    on a funny side- > if he was in hospital, its obvious that he was not feeling well!!


  3. Ahh how touching .. so true that its the best medicine in the world!

    U ppl hv some real talent – so many of u dng the 55ers!


  4. So touching.
    A journey of 55 words to touch.


  5. drove me senti …


  6. @anjul, thnx for visiting my page
    @sharad , may be the word ‘complete’ was implicit before word ‘well’ 😀
    @swaram , thnx a lot 🙂
    @gaurav , thnx for ur feedback
    @nks , ur comment n smile face shown in ur image contrasting each other 🙂


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