Convocation at IIIT-H

Before we get to hyderabad lets take u first to ujjain. The primary reason behind this backtrack is journey to hyderabad has always been full of surprises. I was supposed to leave at 12th august from indore. The scheduled departure time was 9:30 in night. Surprisingly train was not even on platform by that time even when it starts from the same station. The train was brought on finally and it started 45 minutes late. Not a big deal , right ?

I think your answer will change soon. Next day I was  going to catch A.P. Express from nagpur whose departure time was 9:50. The train from indore was scheduled to reach at 8:25 and thus I was supposd to have time gap of one and half hour. But now train started 45 minutes late from indore, this margin had reduced considerably to around 45 minutes and if the train gets delayed, I was almost missing my train in nagpur. But nothing of this sort happened and I reached at nagpur in time. I boarded the A.P. Express and entire journey was smooth after that. The only problem was it got delayed by 14 hours. So instead of reaching at 7:30 in evening on 13th august, I reached at 9:30 morning on 14th august.

Anyways now I have got accustomed of such things :). So after reaching hyderabad, I got ready and went to IIIT-H campus. It was delightful to meet friends after such a long time. I got a call from Divyendu, telling me ( read asking 🙂 ) that we were going for movie with a few friends. So I was watching a movie in theatre within 4 hours of being in hyderabad. Next day I did the registration and we had convocation rehearsal in the evening, day before the actual event.

The dress code for convocation had changed from the traditional one to Kurta Pazama. I like others was feeling a bit disappointed as we all had dreamt about throwing hats in air. But then more important thing was all the friends were together for all the funny chats that I was missing in last 2 months. So once we all met, that disappointment took a back seat.

In the morning breakfast was arranged for all the students along with their parents. Then we had the degree distribution ceremony where we were given our certificates. We first had academic procession The certificate which cost us 2 years and  a few lacs  :). But it’s worth putting that much investment to get that certificate. I had become a M.Tech officially :). We all had a great photosession with all the permutation and combination possible among classmates

Then after a gap the second session of event was started in which had speech by chief guest Dr. Kasturirangan, former head of ISRO. I was sitting on the last seat 😀 , so could not listen to speech properly.  Parents of students were also asked to stand to acknowledge the effort they had put for their children. The event was over and we were back to what we are exper in. The chat sessions had started again. I am still not sure whether this Master in my degree stands for Master of technology or Master of chat sessions which are better known as BC in IIIT-H 🙂


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  1. Posted by Bhaskar on August 20, 2009 at 5:08 am

    Chief Guest: Dr. Kasturirangan


  2. Posted by Swati on August 20, 2009 at 5:24 am

    nice post again [:)] btw congrats!


  3. CONGRATS Dude!! awesome achievement!!first time here! V impressive visit mine too!!

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  4. Dear,

    As a journalist, I found this is a great scrit of ur Achivements, Wish u all d best in ur future. writing is a skill where we dont want any grammer of feel just expression is ok… tkcre dude write more the book is ur`s… life is ur`s, Achivementis ur`s, Success is ur`s, pen in ur`s thought`s is ur`s as well as Ideas also…….

    So keep writing…



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