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Some Random thoughts

Award Function :

I got my first blogging award from a co blogger ‘Swaram’ and I was so excited to get it that I ended up with a speech on her blog :). This is a great concept and u feel just like an actor getting award for movie. I started blogging 6 months back and thus being a novice, u can say I got my debutant award :D. You can see the award in my showcase 🙂

We, the human :

It’s raining in hyderabad for last few days. I was going out yesterday and it started raining. The words came out immediately as, “If it would have rained one hour before, it would have been better.”  And then it reminded me, we humans are the most selfish creatures Alright if you want to exclude yourself, you can but surely majority of human beings are. We want things always in our ways. We want it should rain enough in rainy season so that we are not short of water, but at the same time we wish it should rain according to our schedule when are not going out for some work. With so many people requesting for rescheduling the rain, whom will the God listen. Remember the condition of Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty?

4 months after college :

Everyone has read hundreds of forwards about college life and how people miss it after leaving college. It has been almost four months and those forwards are turning into a reality now. I see my friends enervated after day’s work, deprived of any energy. All the fun in college is now a sweet memory. I will start working after few days  and would be moving from all relaxed zone to all occupied zone. The problem is not the work but the number of hours taken away from your life. We have to put a major portion of the day in work, so we want to keep the remaining portion of our time to ourselves. So  people out there in college, don’t curse about ur current life. It’s definitely more funny than the life coming ahead. No matter how much money u earn, no matter how much u enjoy(?) ur work , it will never give u as much pleasure as ur college life.

Wanted :

I recently watched movie ‘ Wanted’ and being a die hard Salman fan, can’t stop appreciating the movie. This is a complete masala flick but a complete entertainer. Please don’t try to use ur brains or think about any logics; just enjoy the show. The menu has every item comedy, romance, action, great choreography, beautiful locations. The movie should be seen in theaters and specially where atmosphere is like single screens with crowd whistling after every few minutes. The only flaw in the movie is presence of some unwanted songs that could have been deleted. The surprise presence of Govinda and Prabhudeva puts another cherry on the cake. On the whole if you are looking for entertainment, this is a great option.