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Every day we wish to live in a better India. Every day we want to move ahead. Every day we hear about India in 2020. We talk about moon mission, construction of bridges and road, superpower, economic power and blah blah blah. But there are too many forces within the country who are pulling it back. It’s the people of India themselves.

I was watching the news this evening and two headlines made me think all this. The first one was about the former chief minister of Jharkhand, Mr. Koda who is alleged to have a property more than Rs. 2000 crore. This proves that greed has no limits. If the purpose was to become rich or secure future, he would have stopped at few crores at most. But here it’s for what, creating records ? This was all money of public and was supposed to be spent on development of state. Now no one will ask why the state is not developing.

The second news was about accidental killing of 6 people by Shatabdi Express. The disturbing thing was the reaction of crowd after the incident. The train was stopped by throwing stones on it and mass destruction to public property was done. This is a common practice in our country that whenever an accident, a fight or riot happens, public properties like buses and trains are burnt and destroyed. The loss that families of victim suffer is tremendous but this kind of mass destruction will not help them. In this case the people who died were crossing the railways lines instead of using the foot bridge. How can the crowd justify their carelessness and the destruction of train. If u want to support those people, try to help their families. Breaking glasses of trains will not do any good.

A very small portion of the population actually works towards public welfare as everyone is taking care of their survival needs first. But at least everyone can contribute in an indirect way by avoiding such things. The net resultant will be the steps taken ahead otherwise this will lead no where and we will continue to stand helpless. The need of the hour is to convert all anger and aggression into some positive form.


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  1. Nice post. But it ends at this. Many of us will read and comment and also feel it for let’s say 2 minutes. After those two minutes, we will get back to the same state we were in.

    Its nice and heartening to read all this but we as a community are hippocrates. I try to do small things – save water, save paper, save energy but when I try imparting this learning (of saving OUR earth) it becomes a LECTURE.

    Each one of us thinks, “But why me FIRST? I will do it when the world does it.” Every civilian is corrupt. Its in our blood. We are addicted to it. Its the shortcut (read ‘jugaad’) for everything.

    The media proposes CRAP! Its entertainment rather than news anymore.

    For those who spent 1 minute in reading my comment try to do at least one of these: save paper/water/energy. Its simple. Read on computer rather than printing it. Use a bucket instead of shower for bathing. Switch off the system when you sleep.



    • Posted by makrand13 on November 4, 2009 at 9:02 am

      I think the best we can do is to correct ourselves first and give others time to feel the need of all the changes we think are correct. If each one of us correct oneself, things will start improving for sure. Spreading awareness is good but it can’t be forced.

      Whenever u r asking someone else to do sth u believe in, initially it will sound like ‘lecture’. When I did not understand the importance of cleanliness and someone asks me to throw the plastic cups of tea in dustbin, I used to think what one cup will do. But now I understood and will keep the garbage with me and look around for garbage can instead of throwing this apart. But now if I ask someone to do the same, for him it will be a ‘lecture’. So, the best thing is we continue doing what we feel right and let others give time to get the point.

      I or others may not agree with all the points u say today about saving light/paper/energy. e.g. today I understand about shutting down systems but I don’t agree that it’s possible to read everything on computer, sometimes print outs are better. But may be tomorrow, I feel the importance. Similar things can happen with others. If u r doing sth good but uncommon, people will laugh at u too, but then u have to continue doing that and set examples if u want others to follow. Thats all my point.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


  2. Posted by Swaram on November 5, 2009 at 5:58 am

    The need of the hour is to convert all anger and aggression into some positive form. Exactly:(

    If we r nt able to contribute towards making up things, we should not be breaking them .. atleast that is possible!

    I remember when Dr.Rajkumar, a famous Kannada actor had passed away, people started pelting stones and setting things on fire. He had died a natural death at that! Now, why this fury then? We had such a diff. time even to reach home from office. Some pranksters just wait for an opportunity to do such things and have fun! Wonder when they will ever learn their lessons 😦

    And abt the bloody ppl eating up all our money, the less said the better!


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