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Republic Day

I will start the post with a SMS I got few hours back and which indeed will enlighten the crux of this post

“Bharat ke besharam logo , agar 2 din baad valentine/friendship day hota to abhi tak 100 SMS aa gaye hote. Wishing you happy republic day”.

And if you think for a moment, it’s completely true. Republic day has become just a holiday to majority  of us, including me. The maximum we do is to watch the ‘parade’ on tv along with sips of morning tea and I have not been doing even that for last few years. If it would have been some other special day, we would be wishing our friends, family and close ones. But no excitement is there for this important day.

The day had maximum importance in our lives when we were in school. The preparation for the day’s events used to start many days before. The enthusiasm was great towards the entire celebration. In addition it used to be favorite topic for essay writing : ). Somehow we were connected to day and in turn some thoughs were put towards nation.

Things started changing and now sadly the day has lost importance in our lives. We are not concerned about the day apart from the fact it’s a holiday and an opportunity to relax and enjoy. The question I asked myself was do I ever think about nation in a way that I used to think when I was in early years of school. Alas ! the answer came out as a ‘no’.

But then I am trying to fulfil some duties towards nation. I think the best way to serve our nation today is working peacefully, following laws, helping those who need help  and contributing to overall growth. Let’s keep our cities clean so that we don’t feel emberresed when an outsider comes to our cities. Let no one gets chance to point a finger at something bad happening in some part of country. I know it all sounds day dreaming but atleast put a steap ahead, if we can’t complete the walk. I think this will be the best way we can give some thing back to nation. Like Dr. Kalam building our own India 2020 vision. Lets think for atleast one day about our nation in addition to ‘ I ‘.

Happy Republic Day to every Indian.


I am not flying kites this year

Today is Sankranti, Sky is also clear

But, I am not flying kites this year.


When I was a kid, times were diferent,

We were on the roof, entire day

Forget all hunger and all the work ,

Music was also played by the way

Friends and family were also there,

But I am not flying kites this year.


Now, I am in office working today,

Recalling memories of that  day,

Thinking about the fun I used to have,

Things don’t work here in my way.

I don’t want to shout, let no one hear.

But, I am not flying kites this year

Some small talks

Hyderabad 2 and half years back : I have been in hyderabad for over 2 and half years now. When I first came to hyderabad, the first impression was great. The city was great not only because it was software industry hub because the way it was set up. Clean roads, greenery at most palces, hitech city and offices, lots of good restaurants, outing spots: all this made a great palce to stay. But most important aspect which I observed was safety. I didn’t heard any major problems from security point of view. Ofcourse there used to be small incidents but by large it was very peaceful. People were busy in their life and everything seemed to be ok.

Hyderabad Today : Things have changed a lot and not for betterment. Earlier two bomb blasts took place killing several people but still it didn’t hurt the image of city. But recent developments have impacted city’s image a lot. All of sudden many news about disturbance in city keep coming. Telangana issue bringing so many bandh one after another along with destruction to public property. Now reliance stores being attacked  in other parts of andhar because of a news channel. Though people can argue that I do not belong to this part, so I don’t understand the sentiments involved and it can be correct to certain extent but few things are beyond my understanding for sure.

The first one that stands out is ‘why do people start comitting suicide whenever something happens’. First at YSR’s death incident, then due to Talangana issue ; everyday I read in paper that these many people comitted suicide supporting the issue. If the reasons are something else, some logic can be applied but comitting suicide for such issue is wasting your life. The astonishing part is many educated people doing such acts.

Autos in Hyderabad: There are some unique things about hyderabad autowalas :

1. They are one of the best when it comes to hiking the rates. If yor are new to city and are not aware of rates, they can ask you to pay 3-4 times. I know other city auto walas can claim thier records, but I still hyd. auto walas at top..

2. Between two same source and destination, they will charge differnt from different sides.

3. Excellent concept of sharing autos and only hyderabadi autowalas can drive when three persons are sitting in front along with him on the small seat.

Chalte Chalte : They say that whatever you learn is never wasted. My hobby of listening to music came in handy in office. I won the Hindi Antakshari in office  along with two other team members. Not a very big deal, but something to cheer about. Many conclusions could be drawn after the event. Team work is important as my team member handled the old hindi songs and I handled new one. Thus music can give you pleasure and chance to get more pleasure. So keep the musical devices and senses on. 🙂 Have a happy week.