Behind the Scenes

How many of you have seen 3 idiots ? I guess majority of us. How many of you  could not stop appreciaing the fact Aamir khan was looking so young in the movie that we forgot his real age is 40 + ?  I guess again majority of us. How many of you thought about the make up stylist, hair dresser and dress designer who worked hard to make aamir look young. Ane one ?

This is just an illustration of the fact that there are lot of people who work behind the scenes without getting the credit or apreciation for their efforts. This happens at all the places but let’s talk about the favourites- moives : ).

Ofcourse Aamir worked out a lot, lost all his body that he built for Gazini, but when I was watching 3 idiots for the third time in theatre :P, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the factors that made us believe aamir as a college going student. Look at the hair cut he has got in the movie. Hair cut in short with a style to make him look young. His round neck T shirts and the bag gave him a look of college going student. All this small things made us believe in that student and never allowed our eye brows to raise over the fact that an actor is playing the role half of his age.

Think about the extras who dance around lead actors, practice for many hours before heros arrive on sets and get paid a very less amount. Think about the light man who handles the lights. works in heat, in risky postions at heights and doesn’t get his due respect.

I always wonder about the huge no. of people who work for  a movie and only some of them get credit. I know every one might be shouting by now, that it happens every where :). But still we see a movie and give our verdict in 3 hours and we never know how much effort was put even to make a bad movie. Despite of all the controversy about the script of 3 idiots, a lot of thought has been put up in the script. It took more than a year to make that script and it shows in the sequences built up. One instance was when they were caught eating in the wedding recepiton and aamir comes up with a fake project about inverter. But later on he comes up with the inverter. So that one scene was not just for fun.It actually linked in and thats where thought was put up.

Alright, not so much analysis needed everytime we watch a movie. But this is just salute to all the people who work behind the scene to make any movie a sucess or better to say turn up in shape as expected. Rest ‘all is well’ 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yes … kudos to all those behind the scene … and u r rt, a lot of thinking hs gone behind the movie .. awesome job there 🙂


  2. i completely agree swaram


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