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His Open Heart

He was lying on a bed in front of her. He was silent and eyes were closed  for a long time.

His heart was open in front of her. Every one in guy’s family was waiting for outcome. Her one mistake could change his life.

Finally, the lady doctor came out and declared, “Congratulations!, operation was successful “.


Her One Day

Her day started with abuse from her husband. On the way to office, she was intenionally hit by many men in crowd and disrespectfully commented.  She cooked food in the evening and received some sarcastic remarks from  mother in law.

After finishing days’ work, all exhausted, she looked into mirror and uttered, “Happy woman’s day !!!”

Colors’ Effect

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I was playing holi with my friends. Guys and girls were chasing each other to color. Among all running around, suddenly she was in front of me.

I hesitantly put colors on her cheeks and looked at her  momentarily.

I could see my colors on her face but didn’t know  the impressions  on her heart.

Those Ten Minutes

He was sitting on a chair in a relaxed mood. A man came from behind and put a blade near his chin. He had to remain still without any movement. He was kept in the same position for ten minutes.

Finally the man who was standing, moved away.

The barber was done with the shaving.

A Dream

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Guest Author : Dhiraj Chawla ( A friend from IIIT-H)

I was standing on the balcony of my house. I could see, from a distance,  a huge wave of about 200 feet coming towards me, engulfing everything on its way. I knew my time had come as I could see the destruction of the world with my own eyes.

Suddenly I heard the alarm ring and I got up, just to see myself in my bed sleeping. I was relieved  to find out that it was just a scary dream…. :). I got up from my bed, and as I was about to leave my room, I happened to have a glance at the calender. It was December 23rd, 2012…, was it a dream?


A Policeman

A policeman entered our apartment and headed towards our home. The women in the building started gossiping and men started looking with suspicion.

I could hear the discussions going on outside.

I opened the gate, went to my neighbor and asked, “Uncle, can I have your signature on my  police verification form for passport purpose? “

Her Smile

“Honey, do you remember our last picnic with my office friends?”

She was just smiling.

“And do you remember how terrible food I cooked for the first time? ”

She was still smiling.

“Can you please stop smiling and talk to me ? “,  he almost yelled with frustration.

She kept smiling in the photograph on the wall.