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Power of Machine

He had heard, machines will control lives of humans in future.

But this is  happening  much before expected. A machine  is going to decide his future today. That machine will take input from his past, do processing  in present and output his future.

That machine is none other than polygraphic machine of  ‘Sach Ka Samna’ .


What was Missing?

He was sick and was  admitted into hospital by his friends. His parents could not come immediately as they were in different city.

He had best doctors and best facilities available to him.

But still he was not feeling well.

He had forgotten about one important factor.

His mother’s touch on his forehead was missing.

The Revenge

She was tired after day’s work but  could not  sleep. A continuous disturbing sound was keeping her awake.

Her irritation had reached the maximum level. At last she decided to take some action.

Suddenly a small needle like thing pinched her skin. She moved her hand instantaneously on the attacker.

The mosquito was finally killed.

The Soldier in a War

He was moving with a gun in his hand. Other soldiers of his army were  already dead.

He was scared of death and was moving ahead very cautiously. But, he could not see the enemy coming from behind the wall.

He was  shot in his  head. He was dead .

The Counter Strike game was over.

One Glass of Water

A poor old beggar was lying on streets. No one cared to look at him.

He was asking for some water as he was dying from thirst. A boy selling water came forward. The old man looked at him with hopeful eyes.

The guy asked, ” Do you have one rupee?”.

The old man was dead next moment.

A Child’s Wish

My kid was looking into his book. There were photos of tiger, lion, panther  and lots of other animals.

He asked  me, ” Where can I see them ?”

“They don’t exist any more dear.”

“I wish, I could see them.”

I was awakened from my dream and was thinking whether this nightmare will happen in future.

Love and Luck

He tried to say in person but her friends were with her.

He tried to say on phone but then hung up.

He gathered all of his courage and typed I love you in the chat window.

He looked at the icon in taskbar. The cross showing network dissconnect was laughing at his bad luck.