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A Phone Call

She was on the phone again. I wanted to cut the line but her sweet voice stopped me.

I yelled at her,”We have had enough discussions. It’s over. I told you, I don’t want to have it.”

She replied, “I will call you back, you might change your mind.”

Sales girls never give up.


Life is Beautiful

It was one more journey from Indore to Ujjain and this time with my mother. We got the two seats in front row and there was still one more seat vacant. My mother took the window seat and I sat adjacent to her. The bus was almost full and was about to leave.

A pretty girl boarded the bus along with her father. I was talking with my mother and saw her, when her father asked her to take the front seat and took a seat near bus conductor for himself.

In my all journeys whether it was by bus or train, I didn’t have a beautiful girl sitting next to me in fact not even in nearby seats. I had already written in my previous post about a train journey that a pretty girl sitting near me only happens in my stories :D. But on this special day when I am traveling with my mom, a pretty girl herself gets a seat next to me. Life is Beautiful , isn’t it ? 🙂

So now I was sitting in the bus on the front row seat with my mother on my right side and that girl on the left side. She was wearing a green dress and was holding a bag in her hand. It was a tough task to talk to mom continuously and at the same time notice her without turning my head in her direction. She seemed like almost of my age. Then I heard a song played by the guy on his cellphone who was sitting just behind me. Thy lyrics of the song,”ek ladka meri umar ka hye meri umar ka “, were perfectly made for the moment. Life is Beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂

The bus was moving fast and normally the bus would stop at several places to take more passengers but today it was different. The bus did not stop at a single place and driver was driving fast even when 2-3 seats were still empty in the bus. Life is Beautiful , isn’t it ? 😀

If it would have been some other day, my mom would have slept in the journey. She would take a small nap in long journeys for sure. But as it was a special day, she was surprisingly awake and talking to me. I was praying that please at least sleep for few minutes so that I can think about how to have the conversation with the girl or at least turn my neck by few degrees to see her, but prayers are not listened on such days.

The driver was in full mood to help me as he was driving the bus at full speed and thus reducing the amount of time left. I knew the opportunity is slipping away from me. Then finally after long conversation about all the things in world, my mom decided to take a short nap. I was feeling happy, relieved, thoughtful, alert and tons of other adjectives. Now the chance had come to think about starting conversation. I was thinking about it and turned my face towards her. She had slept too.  Life is Beautiful, isn’t it ? 😀

A Request to be Together

It was him on the phone. He had left her two years back but she could recognize his voice immediately.

“Honey, I love you. I can’t live without you. I would like you to come to my place and stay with me.”

She fainted due to shock.

Her boyfriend had died exactly two years ago.

Power of Machine

He had heard, machines will control lives of humans in future.

But this is  happening  much before expected. A machine  is going to decide his future today. That machine will take input from his past, do processing  in present and output his future.

That machine is none other than polygraphic machine of  ‘Sach Ka Samna’ .

What was Missing?

He was sick and was  admitted into hospital by his friends. His parents could not come immediately as they were in different city.

He had best doctors and best facilities available to him.

But still he was not feeling well.

He had forgotten about one important factor.

His mother’s touch on his forehead was missing.

A Crash

Today I have a guest author on my blog and this is his first story ever published exclusively on my blog 🙂

Guest Author : C. RaviKiran (My friend from IIIT-H)

He was driving his car at a very high speed.

“I will handle the Idiot tomorrow.” , he was thoroughly disappointed with what had happened at the Party that night. His thoughts were elsewhere and not on the road, when suddenly he saw a person walking on the road.

“Dear God, Save him, and me too!!!”

He tried his best, not to hit the person on the road, but then lost control of the car. The car made a screeching sound and hit a tree to finally come to a halt.

“Huh”, said he, and wiped the sweat beads on his forehead. He thankfully smiled then. “What a Nasty dream..”

The Revenge

She was tired after day’s work but  could not  sleep. A continuous disturbing sound was keeping her awake.

Her irritation had reached the maximum level. At last she decided to take some action.

Suddenly a small needle like thing pinched her skin. She moved her hand instantaneously on the attacker.

The mosquito was finally killed.