Nice to Meet You

A software engineer by profession, a jack of all master of none, an ambivert person are few of the expression that define me to some extent. I love to read, to travel, to enjoy music, to do photography and lots of other things.

One more thing added to the list some time back which I never thought I could do. I started writing few months back and now I am really enjoying it. I write about whatever comes to my mind and which I think would interest others.

This page is not just about me. Please describe yourself and meet the other visitors of the page.

Welcome you all.


One response to this post.

  1. We have a story writing contest – KATHA SAGAR @

    INDImag’s Katha Sagar Contest. USD $150/- in Prizes

    Stories have a way of connecting people and touching their hearts. Like a good cup of coffee, a thriller can stimulates one’s senses and linger on far after enjoying it, while at the diametric opposite end of the spectrum, a story that your grandmother narrated to you as a kid, soothed you to sleep and filled you with sweet dreams.

    Stories, like clay, provide an endless medium of possibilities limited only by the author’s imagination. We want to unleash a sea of these stories. Hence Katha Sagar..


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