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His Open Heart

He was lying on a bed in front of her. He was silent and eyes were closed  for a long time.

His heart was open in front of her. Every one in guy’s family was waiting for outcome. Her one mistake could change his life.

Finally, the lady doctor came out and declared, “Congratulations!, operation was successful “.


A Policeman

A policeman entered our apartment and headed towards our home. The women in the building started gossiping and men started looking with suspicion.

I could hear the discussions going on outside.

I opened the gate, went to my neighbor and asked, “Uncle, can I have your signature on my  police verification form for passport purpose? “

Her Smile

“Honey, do you remember our last picnic with my office friends?”

She was just smiling.

“And do you remember how terrible food I cooked for the first time? ”

She was still smiling.

“Can you please stop smiling and talk to me ? “,  he almost yelled with frustration.

She kept smiling in the photograph on the wall.

A Phone Call

She was on the phone again. I wanted to cut the line but her sweet voice stopped me.

I yelled at her,”We have had enough discussions. It’s over. I told you, I don’t want to have it.”

She replied, “I will call you back, you might change your mind.”

Sales girls never give up.

The Revenge

She was tired after day’s work but  could not  sleep. A continuous disturbing sound was keeping her awake.

Her irritation had reached the maximum level. At last she decided to take some action.

Suddenly a small needle like thing pinched her skin. She moved her hand instantaneously on the attacker.

The mosquito was finally killed.

The Soldier in a War

He was moving with a gun in his hand. Other soldiers of his army were  already dead.

He was scared of death and was moving ahead very cautiously. But, he could not see the enemy coming from behind the wall.

He was  shot in his  head. He was dead .

The Counter Strike game was over.

One Glass of Water

A poor old beggar was lying on streets. No one cared to look at him.

He was asking for some water as he was dying from thirst. A boy selling water came forward. The old man looked at him with hopeful eyes.

The guy asked, ” Do you have one rupee?”.

The old man was dead next moment.