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A Crash

Today I have a guest author on my blog and this is his first story ever published exclusively on my blog 🙂

Guest Author : C. RaviKiran (My friend from IIIT-H)

He was driving his car at a very high speed.

“I will handle the Idiot tomorrow.” , he was thoroughly disappointed with what had happened at the Party that night. His thoughts were elsewhere and not on the road, when suddenly he saw a person walking on the road.

“Dear God, Save him, and me too!!!”

He tried his best, not to hit the person on the road, but then lost control of the car. The car made a screeching sound and hit a tree to finally come to a halt.

“Huh”, said he, and wiped the sweat beads on his forehead. He thankfully smiled then. “What a Nasty dream..”