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Creative Ad

Out of everything that is aired on television, advertisements require most creative ideas. I am not talking about every advertisement that comes on TV, but the ones that bring a smile on our face because of novelty. I can’t stop appreciating the brains behind those ads, which impress the audience in somewhere about 30 seconds at max.

It requires a great team to come up with a brilliant ad. A concept maker, script writer, camera team, designer, musicians, editor and in the last performers (or actors) all work together to bring out a 30 seconds commercial that should grab audience attention, make an impression in their mind, publicize the product along with a high rewatch value.

There have been few products whose advertisements always stood out. Topper in the category would be ‘Fevicol’. I have seen tens of fevicol adds that had superb creativity behind it. Do you remember its various ads, one with a shadow stick to shutter having fevicol written, the involving a strong egg, the one with the truck carrying large no. of people, ‘pakre rahna chorna nahi’ ? All of them were simply great and could be watched again without getting bored.

In last few years, every ad that aamir khan starred in specially the one with cocacola had very nice scritps. Even the latest having animated aamir is quite good. Aamir is one actor that gives his contribution in addition to a great script.

My person choice are the advertisemens with a bit of humor involved. I think the punch line of the advertisement is the most important thing. Some of those which had been popurlar were :

  • I love you, Rasna
  • Yeh pyas hai badi
  • Thanda matlab cocacola
  • Hamara Bajaj
  • Dil mange more
  • hayissha ( fevicol)

The list can go really long.  So tell me what is ur favorite advertisement old or new, unpopular or popular, celebrity or non-celebrity does not matter. Your views are always welcome.To make it more interesting, why not have a small contest as follows.

Contest : Come with a punch line for my blog. The best entry gets a special mention on my page. I know it’s not an award but ur feedback will be delightful for me. The contest ends 31st october,2009 at 11:59:59 pm .