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Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 13

Some days before exams, I was in dilemma whether to study for end sems or prepare for interviews, as there was only 4-5 days gap after exams. In this dilemma I was not able to concentrate on any of them. Finally I decided to study for end sems one day before each paper and rest of the time I would devote to interviews’ preparation.

One of the most interesting end sem paper we got at IIIT-H was computer network. It was an open laptop exam which meant that it would be useless to use  laptop for solving questions. The exam had two sections and the first section was objective paper. The real fun was the second part and I was astonished after reading instructions.

It said, ” Solve the following question here, submit your solution and take away the paper with you. Solve the question again at home and resubmit after 15 days. Both the solutions would be evaluated. ” I did not appreciate the paper but the instructions definitely brought a smile on our faces.

Data mining paper was like previous ones and as usual I didn’t have much clue about it. I was expected to score gud marks in end sem of Cryptography as I had not performed well in mid sems. I managed to solve a descent no. of questions. Introduction to middleware was a very nice paper which tested how much we had worked in project. There was 40 % portion from the project work itself and I could solve it easily. Our project presentation in this course went very well with the professor saying these words , “OK, Fine, Good !!! ”

So in this way end sems were over and the placements were to begin after 6 days. This was the opportunity for which every one was eagerly waiting. I like others, was nervous, excited, and optimistic about arrival of companies with job offers.  I will not be sharing my interview experiences here as there are other blogs existing specially for that ;). And this brings me to  end of the series of IIIT-H memories.


End of Memories of IIIT-H Series


Note to Readers : Oh come on, memories of IIIT-H can not end here. I am just taking a pause here for specific reasons. The combined  fun I had in three semesters is less than the fun I had in  forth semester. So the first series ends here and second series will take you to my forth semester. In the mean time some short stories,  some travel experiences, n may be some interview experiences ( I was kidding earlier 🙂 ) will be coming as my posts.

This first series has taught me that I can  write. Now I will try to write better, learning from the mistakes in first series.  The second series will return  with a better writing and content for sure. After all I need to match standards and set new one for myself just like IIIT-H 🙂

IIIT-H rocks.


Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 12

I was feeling very sad two days before diwali. I was away from home for the first time on diwali. I was walking on the streets of campus on DhanTeras and there was no sign from which I could sense Diwali festival has started. I called at home and preparations were going on at home. This made me feel worse and was thinking that we should celebrate in addition to college separation.

My friends and me put some contribution and decided to celebrate in our own way. The plan was to decorate lab, bring sweets and bring fireworks. I decorated lab with amit, abhishek, pooja, smriti, ishita,santosh and ram one day before diwali night. We decorated the lab with paper ribbons, balloon and other decorative stuff. A beautiful rangoli was made by pooja,ishita,smriti,umangi and reema. Dhiraj  was playing few songs and he knows how we were dancing  in lab 😀

On the day of diwali we were all done with decoration work. Umesh took the responsibility of bringing sweets and fireworks with few other friends. In the we lighted Depak and had sweets. Our juniors made my class mates specially TAs to eat sweets with their hands and it was fun to watch.

The campus celebration consisted of Lakshmi Poojan followed by a dinner. Deepaks were put in campus on both sides of roads which looked very nice. Fireworks were distributed to students but they were not enough for us. We had brought our own fireworks and we gathered in ground. Though we had brought a decent amount of fireworks, they didn’t last long.  Another interesting thing happened when narendra came. He was center of attraction for his white colored dhoti

This diwali had indeed become a memorable one for all of us. We did not feel away from home and celebrated this fesitval with joy. This was the last celebration before end sems. Submission time had come and we were busy in assignment and project completitions.  End semes were few days away and after 1 week of that the placement session was about to start.

Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 11

All the fun had come to a momentary pause in third sem. I needed to be focused then as not much time was left in placement seesion. Third semester had 1 compulsory course computer networks and other electives I took were data mining, cryptography and middleware system.

Crypto classes were menat for sleeping. This was the first course where I actually slept in the class. All the interest in the course I had before beginning of course, got away after classes had started. In contrast to this Computer Network classes were interesting and though we were permitted to sleep in class, I never felt the need to do so.

Third course Data mining went above my head as only research papers were taught. I remember we all used to rush towards last row and occupy the safest seats from where we could not be seen. Many of used to solve sample questions from data structures as part of our preparation for big battle coming in few months.

The lightest of all was middleware system. I had the impression that this would be a heavy course but the assignments were interesting so never felt like having work load. This was the course with many new technologies and was a good learning opportunity. The course had a project which consisted of a huge team of 12 members to give us industry like experience.

We were allotted a new lab and brand new zenith systems were given to us which had 17 inch monitors. Now you can expect what would have been the best use of them. Yes they were meant for gaming. All of sudden Fifa, NFS, Counter Strike, Age of Empires n many more such names could be seen n heard in lab :). One could see me playing Fifa even a few minutes before mid sem exams :). I never used to go to lab in first year and worked from my room, but the new systems brought me to lab and made me stay there for hours.

Data mining classes were boring but it had some good programming assignments some of which I worked on sincerely. We were studying for both courses and placements simultaneously. I was working hard not as diligently as first sem but yes I was putting some effort. But at the same time in between study sessions the gaming was going on quite well too.

Time was moving at steady pace and we were counting how many days were remaining after each month. The pressure was building up gradually and I was telling myself that only thing I need to do is to keep my head cool. This semester did not offer much eventful days but the one day was there which offered us a chance to celebrate. The biggest indian festival Diwali had come.

Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 10

I was studying a few hours of a day as my placement preparation but it was not a full time devotion. I can’t work without some pressure and as there were 4-5 months remaining for companies to come, I was not serious enough. So I was having lot of free time which I was killing in watching movies.

I got an opportunity to utilize this free time in a very good way. German classes were arranged for us inside the campus and I immediately grabbed the opportunity to learn something different. I was planning to learn a foreign language for quite a time but as campus was away from main city and I did not have any vehicle, it was difficult to go to attend clssases outside.

The german classes were a great experience both in terms of learning and fun. We used to play lot of games and it was like a summer school for kids :). Learning a new language is always challenging and I was facing some problems initially in grasping things. But later on I was able to learn and compelted the basic certification successfully. But this entry level module is not enough and I need to do further modules to speak some German.

One thing I regret not doing in summer was outings. There were a few but considering the free time available there could have been more. One of the reason may that everyone was concerned about placements. Though we were not studying round the clock but the thought was always in back of mind. We did waste some time in campus for sure.

But out of those one important outing was Golkunda visit with Dhiraj,Romanch, azli  and his 2 Malyasian friends. The funny thing was azli was our guide as he had been there earlier. Golkunda was not the best place to visit but certainly worth a visit once. You could see entire hyderabad from its top which was  a nice sight to see.

I ate in yuktahar mess for entire summer and meghna used to tease me about that. The time was passing quickly and we were seeing months going away one by one. In the beginnning of vacations I thought we have a long vacation but I didn’t realize when the last day of vacations had come. From next day our third semester had started.

Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 8

The farewell was the first event where we worked as a team. The idea was initiated by Umesh and every one put their effort to make it successful. But before that there came so many issues that we needed to take into consideration. We had so many meetings regarding different problems that were arising and the best part was the brainstorming in which everyone actively participated.

The first problem that came was about date of event. The semester was ending soon and we didn’t have much holidays remaining on which we could organize this. We had to think about submission dates of our batch and senior batch both. As it was submission time it was not possible to extend date further and after that semester would have been over. Amazon was coming for internship offers on the next day on which we were planning the event. I like everyone else was confused whether it’s a good idea to keep event just before amazon interviews. But then pooja came with a strong determination that we should fix the date and should not worry too much.

Another issue was venue for the event. I along with a few more people was in favor of an outside campus venue. The reason was there were too many restrictions like no music were to be put if we would have organized in campus. So finally it was agreed that it should be organized at some outside place. Rajiv, Raju, Umesh, Abhishek,  Avinash searched for a proper hotel with all facilities and within budget. Finally Rajiv and Raju found the required hotel.

Then we thought about the what all things we can do as part of event. Giving title to seniors was one idea that I knew was nice. Smriti and Abhishek helped me a lot in putting those difficult (and stupid 🙂 ) rhymings that we gave as title to seniors. Title described every individual’s some personality aspect. Narendra and ravikiran prepared the titles in telagu language. Poushali drew cool caricatures on those title cards. A few more classmates like avanti, ravi, romanch, amitabh, ram also helped in title writing. Pooja and Smriti along with others packed the gifts to be given to seniors.

One more idea that I had seen in my B.E. farewell was to play a background song for each senior when he/she will receive his/her title. Dhiraj was having the responsibility of song collection and others were helping in song selection.

Then romanch and me worked on  one line quizzes that would be asked to seniors and will give them chance to win prizes. Smriti came up with a nice game in which everyone was given a balloon and a needle. Everyone had to save his balloon and prick the others’. The last one surviving was the winner.

We reached hotel in the evening and checked everything was set up. Divakar was also actively involved in coordinating event.Seniors started reaching the place by IST 🙂 . Divyendu and avinash started the event with their witty anchoring. Then titles were given to seniors in bunch and in between them some games were played too. It was Umesh b’day and presence of everyone made his celebration memorable :). Then we all had dinner and then danced for some time.

The event was successful and we were appreciated for nice party. The reason behind success of this event was the team work.  There were few people like Amit who were working behind the scene and helped from start to end. Every one contributed in a way he could. This was a memorable, funny and learning experience for all of us. Now we were ready to face final exams and thus move to third semester.

P.S. : Though I tried to include everyone’s name in the post, who worked in that event; if someone’s name is missing readers (those who know) can reflect on his/her contribution. 🙂

Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 7

The felicity was over and it was time to move ahead in semester. One of the interesting thing in SE course were the presentations. The students were divided into teams of 5 members each . The members in my group were Amit, Abhishek, Keshav, Nitin and myself. We were required to give 2 presentations in a semester. We were given a case study based on certain topic of software enginnering and we had to come up with a presentation along with a role play.

The role plays were the best part. Some unique ideas came from people and were fun to watch. Some of us including me were very bad actors but the important was to get courage to present them inspite of our deficiencies. Narendra along with his team mates presented one of the best role playing in which they showed human evolution and the announcement of  “release”.

Another course DBMS used to have surprises in every test. But the best of them was the end sem. First time in my life I was seeing an objective paper in final exam. That too with a great scoring strategy. Each question had  4 options  and there could be multiple correct answer. Each correct answer could fetch u 6 marks. So in a quesion you could score 24. But the interesting thing was the penalty for wrong answer. For each wrong answer you would get -3. It was also possible that there is no correct option and you were expected to leave that question as it is withou answering. So you could score minimum -12 marks in a question. I could not stop appreciating the marking schme for its surprise element though this had put my end sem marks and hence grades in jeopardy.

Another course was WDKM which had hundreds of research paper to read (O.K. I accept I am exaggerating here, they were around 45). Some of them were very informative on search engine technology. I made a project with ravikant and our main task was to convince our sir that we have done a certain percentage of work at different milestones. This was so because there were three milestones in course and 30, 50 and 100 % work should be completed by each milestone respectively.

Algorithm course didn’t turn out as expected. You need to know a few proofs and few question to get good grades. I was lazy enough to do even that and scored an average grade in the course in the end.

Software Technology was the course that had lot of offering in terms of course content. A lot of technologies were kept in syllabus but ver few covered. The course was like fake pearls which shine but was not worth much. Some of the credit for this also goes to feedback given by students to instructors. 🙂

So this was all about the courses in second semester. There were 5 subjects in the semester but still it was lighter than first semester. We could get through without much stress. Between all of this few events were happening like holi which I regret missing in first sem and Sudharma and amol treat to us. But the one event which stood out was farewell to our seniors.

Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 6

Preparation for felicity had started from the first semester itself but the in last month preparations took a full swing. The organizing team had done a great job. The felicity had lot of things to offer for everyone. It was a three day festival and all types of events as part of it. There were programming contests, technical quizzes, cultural events, guest lectures and lot more. When I saw the 3 days calender I could see a whole bunch of interesting things to participate.

I saw some cool events like Radio Jockey performance, antakshari, rangoli making, poster making and not to forget computer gaming competitions like NFS and FIFA. The first day had a celebrity performance in evening and the celebrity was Indian Ocean Band. The band is famous for song “are ruk ja re bande” from black friday n some other songs. Though the band was very good but they were not able to keep the crowd glued to their seats. But this was the first time I was watching a live performance by a celebrity in college, so it was a nice experience.

The second day had similar events like day one in the afternoon. In the evening there was a rock show. I didn’t had any knowledge of rock so I didn’t get exactly what was going on. The only music I understood was performances from students of our college. For other bands from outside, someone was shouting in full volume on stage.

The felicity played a great role in making the bonding strong with many friends. We were slowly forming a friend circle which was not just made of class mates but who were friends. This one was indeed becoming a very large group. Also this was the time when  our two seniors Amol and Sudharma were transforming  into ‘Amol bhai’ and ‘Sudharma bhai’. I also had more conversation with my first international friend 🙂 azli who in coming months became one of the best friends I made at IIIT-H

Coming back to felicity the third and final day was most happening. It had two most important events named Mr. and Ms. Felicity and War of DJs. This was the most entertaining evening at IIIT-H for me so far. We were sitting in front row and were dancing in between performances on stage.

The performances from crowd were much more than on stage itself. People were standing on chair and dancing. This was the day when I came out of my shell n my shyness. I myself danced on a table and chair along with my friends. We all danced till the last beat of DJ. That DJ night really rocked.

After the DJ night we started roaming around in campus. I remember the funny pics we took everywhere in campus. There were many ropes hanging from the trees and many people took their suicidal photos that day. Only people who were there that day can understand it :). After that we had a chat session and finally the felicity was over.