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It’s a Date

Post Type : Short story

Genre : Fiction

I was checking the passenger list of my coach before boarding the train. I saw a girl’s name just opposite to my berth and I saw a ray of hope. I checked further her initials to find Ms. before her name. I was now thinking , will I be lucky ? I boarded the train and couldn’t believe my eyes when I reached my berth.

She was very beautiful. Her eyes,long hair and the pink dress were making her look like an angel.  She was busy reading a book. I started to adjust my luggage. She saw me for a moment, gave me a smile and again started reading the book. I couldn’t take my eyes off her for a moment. Finally , I started the conversation by usual talks .

We hit off very well. She was from my city and in same profession too. We had discussions about many topics. But we shared one more common interest and that was puzzle solving. So sharing an interest was an additional advantage.

I liked everything about her and was feeling the liking for me from her side. Her destination station was about to come. I asked, “Can I have your number? May be we can meet again “.  But to my utter surprise , she refused instantly. She said, “You are a stranger ,I don’t know you well. How can I give my number?”.

I was hurt badly. Then she said, “OK,give me your number. If I feel like calling , I will call you.”. She took the number and then started packaging her luggage. There was still some more time remaining for arrival of station. She saw my sad face and said, “Let’s play a game to cheer you up. We will write a word on a slip  for each other . You need to tell in one word what you think about me and it should be done honestly. I will do the same. These game slips will be the memory of our meeting.”

I reluctantly agreed to this . I was hurt but still she was like angel to me. So, I wrote the word “Angel” for her. The word she had chosen for me was “Bastard”. This was hit no. 2 from her. I asked her the reason and in reply she said you don’t appear honest to me, so I wrote it.

This was the limit. Her station had come. She said good bye and gave a smile. I turned away my face and was looking out of window. She took her luggage and left. I was asking myself ,she seemed to like me then why did she not agree to give her number. All I wanted was a date with her to know her better.

The word “Bastard” was striking my head continuously and hurting badly. All of a sudden some thing came in my mind. She could have written dishonest if she thought i was. Why did she use the word “Bastard”. Was she playing one more game? I started to write the alphabetical position of each letter of word Bastard and the output was  “2119201184”

I dialed the number from my cell with increasing heartbeats. The phone was picked up and I heard her  jovial voice saying , “Its  a Date”.