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I was reading the comment section of a fellow blogger and found one comment indicating the difference between ‘literate’ and ‘educated’. With the number of literate people increasing, it’s time we understand the difference between the two. After finishing my M.Tech, when I look back, I realize education word had more meaning than the literal meaning.

To me, education is following points and the day I will be master at them, I can call myself  ‘educated’  in place of  ‘literate’.

Education is :

  • To understand what words or action will hurt the other person and to stop urself from doing that just to feel oneself better.
  • To understand that there is more to education than bookish knowledge or skills helping to earn money.
  • To understand that keeping  the public transports like trains and buses clean is our duty and we need to  get rid of attitude that it’s government’s headache to maintain cleanliness
  • To stand up against bad customs happening around and accepted just because they have been happening for years.
  • To be able to do what you think is correct on moral and human grounds.
  • To help the people in need who require it most.
  • To speak and act after putting urself in other person ‘s shoe.
  • To understand the difference between one’s ego and one’s self respect.
  • To have ur own judgment of a person independent of other people’s opinion.
  • To try to implement all the moral science lessons that we crammed in school for getting marks 🙂
  • To maintain a balance between ur desire and greed.
  • To be able to add few more points to this post on ur own 😉
  • To be able to differentiate my post from austerity 😀