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Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 10

I was studying a few hours of a day as my placement preparation but it was not a full time devotion. I can’t work without some pressure and as there were 4-5 months remaining for companies to come, I was not serious enough. So I was having lot of free time which I was killing in watching movies.

I got an opportunity to utilize this free time in a very good way. German classes were arranged for us inside the campus and I immediately grabbed the opportunity to learn something different. I was planning to learn a foreign language for quite a time but as campus was away from main city and I did not have any vehicle, it was difficult to go to attend clssases outside.

The german classes were a great experience both in terms of learning and fun. We used to play lot of games and it was like a summer school for kids :). Learning a new language is always challenging and I was facing some problems initially in grasping things. But later on I was able to learn and compelted the basic certification successfully. But this entry level module is not enough and I need to do further modules to speak some German.

One thing I regret not doing in summer was outings. There were a few but considering the free time available there could have been more. One of the reason may that everyone was concerned about placements. Though we were not studying round the clock but the thought was always in back of mind. We did waste some time in campus for sure.

But out of those one important outing was Golkunda visit with Dhiraj,Romanch, azli  and his 2 Malyasian friends. The funny thing was azli was our guide as he had been there earlier. Golkunda was not the best place to visit but certainly worth a visit once. You could see entire hyderabad from its top which was  a nice sight to see.

I ate in yuktahar mess for entire summer and meghna used to tease me about that. The time was passing quickly and we were seeing months going away one by one. In the beginnning of vacations I thought we have a long vacation but I didn’t realize when the last day of vacations had come. From next day our third semester had started.


Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 8

The farewell was the first event where we worked as a team. The idea was initiated by Umesh and every one put their effort to make it successful. But before that there came so many issues that we needed to take into consideration. We had so many meetings regarding different problems that were arising and the best part was the brainstorming in which everyone actively participated.

The first problem that came was about date of event. The semester was ending soon and we didn’t have much holidays remaining on which we could organize this. We had to think about submission dates of our batch and senior batch both. As it was submission time it was not possible to extend date further and after that semester would have been over. Amazon was coming for internship offers on the next day on which we were planning the event. I like everyone else was confused whether it’s a good idea to keep event just before amazon interviews. But then pooja came with a strong determination that we should fix the date and should not worry too much.

Another issue was venue for the event. I along with a few more people was in favor of an outside campus venue. The reason was there were too many restrictions like no music were to be put if we would have organized in campus. So finally it was agreed that it should be organized at some outside place. Rajiv, Raju, Umesh, Abhishek,  Avinash searched for a proper hotel with all facilities and within budget. Finally Rajiv and Raju found the required hotel.

Then we thought about the what all things we can do as part of event. Giving title to seniors was one idea that I knew was nice. Smriti and Abhishek helped me a lot in putting those difficult (and stupid 🙂 ) rhymings that we gave as title to seniors. Title described every individual’s some personality aspect. Narendra and ravikiran prepared the titles in telagu language. Poushali drew cool caricatures on those title cards. A few more classmates like avanti, ravi, romanch, amitabh, ram also helped in title writing. Pooja and Smriti along with others packed the gifts to be given to seniors.

One more idea that I had seen in my B.E. farewell was to play a background song for each senior when he/she will receive his/her title. Dhiraj was having the responsibility of song collection and others were helping in song selection.

Then romanch and me worked on  one line quizzes that would be asked to seniors and will give them chance to win prizes. Smriti came up with a nice game in which everyone was given a balloon and a needle. Everyone had to save his balloon and prick the others’. The last one surviving was the winner.

We reached hotel in the evening and checked everything was set up. Divakar was also actively involved in coordinating event.Seniors started reaching the place by IST 🙂 . Divyendu and avinash started the event with their witty anchoring. Then titles were given to seniors in bunch and in between them some games were played too. It was Umesh b’day and presence of everyone made his celebration memorable :). Then we all had dinner and then danced for some time.

The event was successful and we were appreciated for nice party. The reason behind success of this event was the team work.  There were few people like Amit who were working behind the scene and helped from start to end. Every one contributed in a way he could. This was a memorable, funny and learning experience for all of us. Now we were ready to face final exams and thus move to third semester.

P.S. : Though I tried to include everyone’s name in the post, who worked in that event; if someone’s name is missing readers (those who know) can reflect on his/her contribution. 🙂

Memories of IIIT-H : Chapeter 4

I was fed up with the same routine and sitting in front of computers all the time. So I started going to gym with enthusiasm which lasted for few days as expected :). The one benefit I got was I used to have chat sessions with nitin after gym and thus brought some light moments for both of us in those busy days.

I was allotted room on the third floor and as I was lazy enough, I seldom used to go to lab. We were sharing the systems but this was never a reason for not going. Sometimes when I got very bored from working at room, I used to go to lab and saw it full all the time. Our PG-1 lab didn’t have a working A.C. and used to be very hot because of heat generated by system and mosquitoes had a party every night. The people who used to work there should be appriciated for the hard work they had put in to work there in such extreme conditions.

Umesh and Ram used to play Age of Empires in the late night along with the assignment work. They were the people who injected gaming virus in all of us I suppose. It was nice to see they were very cool about the work when others were pulling their hair apart while thinking about solutions.

One great thing about IIIT-H was that it was a happening place all the time. You can see people on IIIT-H roads all the time whether it is morning, evening, 10 O’ clock in night or 3 A.M. To make life easier coffee machines were installed in the hostels.

One more guy whom I met in my class was Abhishek through Amit as far as I remember. From that point onwards he was part of every memory that I had at IIIT-H. I was working with Amit and Abhishek on all the assignments in all subjects be it IT workshop, discrete mathematics n computer system. The names of other three subjects appeared so late in the posts because all the time we used to spent on APS.

This way, the first semester was over. Despite of all the hard work, I didn’t had a high CGPA as I got screwed in one subject and had a C- against it. But I could say it was a descent start considering the things I had to learn. Till this point things had been a bit miserable. A very busy schedule, tasteless food at OBH mess, not much fun, no events everything was not going in a comfortable way. I was enjoying but couldn’t say to fullest. But this was only one side of colored cube of IIIT-H life . The other faces of cube had lots of fun in it which were to begin from next semester.

Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 2

My college life had begun again and this time it was completely different. Amit was my first  friend in IIIT-H and he helped me from day 1 to last day. It was day of registration for courses. We were roaming in the main building, searching for course codes, filled up the forms and were ready to start with semester – 1.

Then we took the responsibility of lab system allotment and were setting up the lab. This was a novel experience for me as I never got opportunity and responsibility of lab ourselves. I remember I met Dhiraj first time in the lab itself. We were facing problems in setting up network in linux. I did not have much experience in linux and this guy was opening terminal in front of me and typing a series of commands.  Using “Service Network Restart” command was a big thing for me and I was looking at him as he was a very fundu guy ( He is but not because he knows this command 🙂 but the great knowledge he has about everything about computers )

I was thinking that it would be very difficult for me to survive here. Slowly I was getting used to everything and I was highly impressed the way technology was used in everything. I was so excited to see these things that I used to tell about them to my friends outside IIIT-H all the time.

When you see computers  used in such a great way everywhere you get a feel that you are studying in one of the best institute in India for computer science students. When I first saw the mess portal, I could not stop appreciating the idea. I never imagined that mess bills can be managed in such a nice way. Every student is given an account where one can choose in which mess he want to eat on a particular day; one can see his current mess billing and one can cancel meals.

Then I came across library portal where we get all information about any book in library and check its availability. Intranet pages had all the information about all the courses. We had mailing list for every course and were supposed to get all the notifications about subjects and classes through mails.I know these are normal things for IIIT-H students but I was witnessing them for the first time.

Meanwhile I was meeting new classmates and  learning the way IIIT-H system works. We were given a welcome party in first weekend by seniors. There was no concept of ragging and we had a friendly interaction with our seniors.

I heard we will be getting all our assignments through mails for every subject. Teaching assistants was also a new concept for me. But I still could not sense the storm that was coming up from a distance. I could not sense that this thing will make my life hell for next 4-5 months. Finally the disaster had come and we received a mail saying , ” APS portal is up “

Memories of IIIT-H : Chapter 0

I was on my way to Hyderabad for the written exam someday in May. I am very bad in remembering dates ( read only dates not ‘the dates’). My sister Meghna who is also studying in IIIT-H, had informed me that her four  friends were also going to Hyderabad by same train. So I joined them in their coach once ticket checker had checked my ticket. I met Swati, Raina and Prashasti for the first time who later on became my sis cum friends . We were playing antakshari (See songs were with me always inside or outside IIIT-H) and it was near about 9 in the evening.

I remember Raina got a call from her home and was informed that bomb blasts have taken place in Hyderabad. I heard this news with a shock after all I did not expect such a welcome in Hyderabad. We all were worried whether we will be able to reach college as it was around 20 km from the station.

Luckily the news had not spread and we got conveyance to our college. I think the time was nearly midnight. We went to canteen, had our very late dinner and then I went to bed.

Next morning I started for venue for test which was Osmania university along with three other candidates named Umesh, Amit and Akshya. We took  the entrance exam and as usual discussed about the paper. Though I performed much better than I expected but still did not expect to clear it seeing the large competition.

I was in Ujjain and was driving my Honda Activa along with my friend when I got a call from Meghna. I had cleared the paper and the immediate reaction I had was something like this , “How ? How did it happen?”. This was a pleasant surprise and I could sense my life taking a different route. The reason was I had an interview on 22nd june, the results were to be declared on 27 th june and if I clear it , I would be joining the college from 8th july. The date of joining for my job was 4th july in pune. So 27th june was the date that was going to decide my fate. Now I was looking forward to my interview.