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Technology and language

The  language of the people shows the era we live in. It’s a reflection of whats going on around us. Impact on current technologies on the language we speak is the strongest evidence of this. I am not talking about the different languages but the way we express ourselves. To be more precise consider the kind of analogies we pick up from IT.

I remember few years back when someone didn’t understand something immediately, the common comment could be, “his ‘tubelight’ didn’t turn on 🙂 “. Today, under similar condtions, I have heard sentences like , ‘he has got a Celeron processor’. The intrusion of IT terminology in our day to day conversation has been phenomenal especially people like me in IT industry. Lately  I had observed quite a few times that we were discussing some non-IT topic or even making jokes, and suddenly we were talking in terms of IT. I paused for a moment to think about the kind of talk and how boring would it be for a non IT person.

Few intances when such sentences hit my ear were like :

1. You can’t remember this, u got a volatile memory or RAM

2. I am not able to recall, my data server is down.

3. You should not take this much time to answer, replace ur processor.

4. I am feeling tired, time to recharge myself.

5. I wish I could undo/ ctrl+z this.

6. Ping me ( used when u r nowhere near communicator 🙂 )

Some of you might say, who talks like this but I have heard such sentences and who knows may have used similar ones myself.

One of the PJ I have told sometimes is my  mother tongue is C :).

There can be tons of such examples and many of you might have to share. Spare one minute and scribe down any such example u may recall or fetech from ur own data server :).

And before I end this post, let me give you one more example of my point which also gave me idea to write the post. One of the nonsense gmail chat that I have all the time and I am sure all of u have at some point of time.

My Friend : You haven’t written something for a long time.

Me : All the windows of my brain have been closed.

Me : So whats going on  ?

My Friend : Nothing much.

Me : Ok, so u can write some thing too.

My Friend : All the windows and doors are closed.

Me : U r in microsoft, u just need ctrol + o

open WINDOWS , u have GATES

My Friend : nothng works , when blue screen  is in front of u

Me : blue screen with white chars 🙂

My Friend : yeh

Me : You gave me an idea to write something  🙂