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What Went Wrong?

Post Type : Short Story

Genre : Fiction

He was in a boring class and as usual busy in teasing at last bench. The  professor  was extending his class even at the end of lecture. All the students were  waiting for lecture to get over and go for lunch. The class was about to end. Suddenly a girl  stood up with bunch of questions. Every one went furious on girl including him. First of all, how one could decode Professor’s words and secondly even  after decoding how one could dare to ask question at the end of his endless lecture.

He noticed it was a new face , pretty childish and innocent. She had joined the institute in spring session. Slowly they  became friends unknowingly.  Gradually their friendship was becoming deeper. They started sharing everything, used to talk in late  nights.

He realized that its time to say before its too late. He proposed her on last day of his semester. Luckily the answer was yes!!! Everything changed after that for them. They lived for one another. From morning till late night they used to be together. He gradually came to know that she was very shy and religious. He liked it very much. After all who would not love a girl who prays for him. Slowly college days came to an end. But she had to stay in college for 6 more months as she joined in spring.

He was worried for her, how she will live without him. It was the last day for the college. They decided to stay together along with all the friends that night. He was very sad as from next day, he wont be able to see her. They were playing cards. She was tired and caught a sleep. She was looking very pretty and innocent. He kissed her softly and she responded with a smile. It was the most romantic moment of his  life, but then he realized that he was getting carried away by emotions. He stopped himself at that moment. He couldn’t sleep for  the whole night and was  just looking at her pretty face. Finally they  parted for their destinations.

He joined his job and they were communicating through cell phones. After 6 months her degree got completed. Then one day she told him that she can’t continue their relationship as her parents will never allow. This broke everything inside him. He didn’t know how will he live without her. He tried to convince her but finally he gave up to see her happy.

He said to her , “Its ok. I will be happy even as ur friend. What matters to me is ur happiness.”  She didn’t call him for a month after that. He was constantly worried about her. How is she? Is she alright? He called her many times. She didn’t reply to his calls.

Finally one day she called and said, “I  hate you . I have never seen cheap person like you. You cheated me that night and ur intention were not right and this is the reason I am leaving you .” This shattered everything inside him. He tried his level best to convince her that what she thought was wrong, but she didn’t believe a word. Their  friends also tried to convince her a lot. All she said is that whatever he did was all  fake.

Even with all her hatred, he did whatever he could  do for her. He just wanted to see her happy. But she did not believe him. He still lives with her hatred. His heart is broken. He still asks a question to himself. “What went wrong?”. Can you answer?