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Movie Reviews

Paa :

Haven’t seen a good movie in recent times and looking for a good option ? Want a movie to go with your parents ? Want to watch  Amitabh Bacchan outperform himself once again ? Having a kid still inside alive and looking a movie for that kid ? One word answer to all these questions is ‘Paa’.

Paa is not a movie about awareness about a certain disease. It’s also not a serious story of a diseased child. It’s a story of a mature child and his relationships with people around him. Infact it’s not just about Paa. The movie should have been titled Paa (and Maa) because the relationships between mother and son, mother and daughter, father and son all are important.

Story starts with a young politician amol ( Abhishek Bacchan) and his meeting with his real Paa 🙂 (Amitabh Bacchan ) who is a 14 year old boy ‘auro’ with a disease because of which his physical condition is like an old aged person but with normal mental health like any other child. Vidya Balan plays the character of mother of  auro and amol doesn’t know that auro is his son. He bonds with auro and get to know about his son in last days of his son’s life. Amol and vidya had splitted in the past and auro brings about their reunion in the end. The movie ends with auro calling his father ‘paa’.

The movie keeps u engaged right from beginning. Emotions have been strongly built in the story. They don’t moist your eyes but reveal the bonding and understanding of auro with everyone. The best thing with movie is you are watching a movie about a diseased child but it’s no a very serious movie The mood of the movie is light entertainment and you never feel burden. The dialogues are witty at places and makes you smile. The movie has several clap worthy scenes. Two-three scenes need special mention :

1. One where auro asks vidya not to sacrifice her tasty food just because he can’t eat it.

2. Auro’s visit to rashtrapati bhavan.

3. Introduction of Paresh Rawal ( Abhishek’s father) with auro.

There are small flaws 2-3 times in movies. Abhishek’s media handling scene is a bit far stretched and looks not required. Also movie looses its pace in last 20 minutes but just when u feel u can feel bored, it get back on track. Placements of songs in movie is appropriate and the best track for me is stil the instrumental of title song.

In short Paa works because of simplicity in narration. good performances from everyone and fine screenplay.


De Dana Dan  :

You go to a Priyadarshan movie with very high expectations and  sometimes that works against it. De Dana Dan was like a cooked dish that had every required ingredient including presentation, but somewhere cooking went wrong. Resulting dish is edible but not tasty. Too much analogy given, better come to facts.

Akshay Kumar, Sunil Sheety, Paresh Rawal trio together; add a bunch of artists like johny lever, rajpal yadav, chanky pandey; add katrina as lucky charm :), nice songs but somewhere something still is lacking. That’s the problem with De dana dan. There are some funny in fact hilarious scenes here and there in movie, but at the end u don’t feel satisfied with complete movie.

The first half of movie introduces characters one by one and the confusion starts to build. You expect a laughter riot in second half but suddenly akshay kumar disappears for a long time and the interest drops in next one hour. Also the climax which is hall mark of priyadarshan movies, where all characters of movie come together, hasn’t turned out hilarious this time.

On the whole an entertainer but not as great as Pridarshan’s earlier work.



Movie Review:

2012 : If you are going in theatre with an expectation of a movie with great story change ur thinking cap. If you are planning to see at home, change the cap again. 2012 is to be watched in theatres for its special effects. So one step answer is either watch in theatres or skip it.

The story starts in India ( Yes, the director again comes to India after ‘Day after tomorrow’, where an indian scientists notices the changes happening in earth’s crust. Soon you are taken to USA and then a series of events follow that confirms the end of world in 2012. The first part is quite good showing the panic all around, hiding of information with the common public, chaos that ensue and the starting of disaster has been shot brilliantly. But in post interval session the story starts to get a bit boring because the disaster portion has been stretched a bit long.

The film is to be seen for it’s scale and special effects and there are some scenes which require special mention. Cracking of the earth surface, aeroplane sequence, volcano erruption, and the one in tibbet are few that stand out. All have been shot at astrnomical scale and keep u glued to screen. The climax part is the most disappointing and one expects to end it soon. On the whole the movie falls short of immense expectation but still can be seen considering all the positives.

Book Review :

Two States : The book has been published some time back but I read it recently. The forth book from Chetan Bhagat’s armor and by far the best one. After Five Point Someone the interest level graph declined a bit in One Night @ call centre and Three Mistakes, but in ‘Two States’ he bounces back very well and giving out a book even better than five point someone in many respects. An another movie based on this novel is soon to be declared for sure.
Two States talks about the story of  a couples from different castes and the hurdles in the marriage. The great thing about the book is not its story but its narration. The writer manages to maintain interest of the reader and not even on a single point you feel like putting down the book. The funny dialogues have been mixed so beautifully in the story, u never feel they are added purposefully. Like Five Point Someone humor has been mixed with a message. It shouts loud about differences still lying among people because of things like caste and the need of word ‘Indian’.

One line suggestion, ” A must read”